There is a warning sign in new fundraising data that Trump’s donors are not opening their wallets and giving as much money with each new indictment.

Politico reported:

All told, Trump raised nearly $4 million via WinRed from nearly 80,000 distinct donors April 4, the day he pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan court on charges of falsification of business records related to payouts to porn star Stormy Daniels. It was his best online fundraising day of the year.

By contrast, when Trump appeared in Miami court June 13 to plead not guilty to his second indictment on charges related to classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago, he raised only $1.3 million from just over 35,0000 donors, according to WinRed data.

Overall, roughly one-quarter of Trump’s total WinRed fundraising this calendar year — $11.3 million — came in between March 30 and April 5, according to a POLITICO analysis of the group’s FEC filing.

Trump’s Constant Appeals For Cash Are Wearing Out His Donors

Political campaigns always worry about donor fatigue. Trump has been warned in the past about his constant appeals to voters for money. Trump asks for money so often that he has hurt the fundraising efforts of Republicans running in other races.

It appears that the rage and shock of the indictments are wearing off. Angry, outrage, and fear have their limits as political tools. When voters or donors are overexposed to one type of message or tone, eventually even the most dedicated will tune out and stop paying attention.

Trump’s super PAC is virtually broke from paying his legal bills, and if donors are fatigued, Trump may not have the money to pay for a presidential campaign even if he becomes the Republican nominee.

It is a looming disaster to force Republicans to choose whether they will prop up Trump, defend their slim House majority, or pursue willing back the Senate.

If the donations dry up, Republicans could be in big trouble.


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