Home Politics Dem Strategist James Carville Blames Biden’s Woes On ‘Too Many Preachy Females’ In The Democrat Party

Dem Strategist James Carville Blames Biden’s Woes On ‘Too Many Preachy Females’ In The Democrat Party

Dem Strategist James Carville Blames Biden’s Woes On ‘Too Many Preachy Females’ In The Democrat Party


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Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville blamed President Biden’s poor polling numbers on “too many preachy females” dominating his party.

Carville’s eyebrow-raising comments came during an interview with New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd.

The rant suggests Biden, who is losing support from key voting blocs, is being weighted down by messaging that is all-too female-centric.

“A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females … ‘Don’t drink beer, don’t watch football, don’t eat hamburgers, this is not good for you,’” he said. “The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas.’”

Carville at one point served as Bill Clinton’s closest advisor.

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James Carville Is Ragin’

James Carville throughout his political career has earned the nickname the ‘Ragin’ Cajun.’ His comments are likely to leave feminists within his own party ‘ragin”.

He continued lambasting Democrats for focusing on women and completely ignoring the male vote.

“If you listen to Democratic elites — NPR is my go-to place for that — the whole talk is about how women, and women of color, are going to decide this election,” he told Dowd.

“I’m like: ‘Well, 48 percent of the people that vote are males. Do you mind if they have some consideration?”

He’s right, of course. In the Democrat Party, you are to feel ashamed if you are a male. If you are a white male? Forget about it.

James Carville’s sense of humor cropped up when discussing President Biden’s poor polling numbers. He seems horrified, to put it mildly.

“When I look at these polling numbers, it’s like walking in on your grandma naked,” he joked. “You can’t get the image out of your mind.”

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AOC Wasn’t Happy

James Carville’s comments raised the ire of one of the Democrat Party’s preachiest of females – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“Maybe he should start a podcast about it,” she fired back. “I hear men are really underrepresented in that space.”

Carville currently hosts a podcast with journalist Al Hunt. AOC is a prominent TikToker.

We were unaware of any huge issue of the overrepresentation of males in the podcasting industry. And we thank AOC for bringing that travesty of justice to the forefront.

Carville has consistently been critical of the Democrat Party kowtowing to radical progressives who focus on ridiculous terminology and defunding the police.

“They come up with a word like ‘Latinx’ that no one else uses. Or they use a phrase like ‘communities of color,’” Carville lamented in a segment on PBS News Hour.

He believes the absurdity of “stupid wokeness” and anti-police movements are killing Democrats at the ballot box.

Still, Carville gave President Biden high praise, saying he has been “demonstrably the best president that Black America’s ever had, Clinton and Obama included.”

On that, he is wrong. That distinction belongs to Donald Trump. Don’t ask us, just take a listen to what Van Jones and CBS reporter Major Garrett have said.

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