Home Politics Déjà Vu: Another Software Issue Blamed in Georgia’s Elections – Same Symptoms as 2020 and 2022 Elections | The Gateway Pundit

Déjà Vu: Another Software Issue Blamed in Georgia’s Elections – Same Symptoms as 2020 and 2022 Elections | The Gateway Pundit

Déjà Vu: Another Software Issue Blamed in Georgia’s Elections – Same Symptoms as 2020 and 2022 Elections | The Gateway Pundit


Georgia’s elections are riddled with issues.  Since the implementation of the new voting system in the Peach State, multiple counties have “discovered” extra votes in the 2020 Presidential Election during their mid-November 2020 hand recount.  This included 2,600 votes “discovered” in Floyd County, more than 2,700 votes in Fayette County, 284 in Walton, and 293 in Douglas County.  Investigative journalist Heather Mullins was on the ground in Floyd County and interviewed Elections officials about the discrepancy as it was happening:

And it continued beyond the 2020 election:  in the 2022 Primary Election in Dekalb County, a county commissioner candidate moved from third place to first place after a hand-count, which also, surprisingly, turned up an additional 2,810 ballots from the original machine count.

Is Dekalb Co. the new Antrim? Reports Show Similarities Between Voting Machine Errors


As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Williamson County, TN, during a 2022-report from the federal Elections Assistance Commission, it was revealed that their Dominion ballot marking devices and tabulators had “erroneous code” found on the system that would randomly flag a ballot as “provisional”, therefore not counting it, and divert it to a provisional folder.  The ballots tabulated immediately after would also be diverted to another folder.  It was discovered that the system log files for those machines had a “QR Code signature mismatch” warning.  Coincidentally, 97% of Georgia counties examined by David Cross and Kevin Moncla of the Election Oversight Group had the same exact code in their system log files.

The anomaly acknowledged in Williamson has not been acknowledged in Georgia, however, the symptoms existed in the 2020 and 2022 elections, as referenced above.

Now, there is evidence that it occurred in at least one jurisdiction in Georgia in the recent 2023 election.

The Valdosta Daily Times reports:

Election officials are blaming a vote-counting discrepancy on state-mandated software that failed to completely load votes from Precinct 10, which votes at the Lowndes County Civic Center.

Officials re-uploaded those ballots and the issue seemed to be resolved around 9:30 p.m.

The second upload did change a few of the totals for Valdosta races, but they did not alter the outcome of any race.

According to numbers released about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, candidates for Valdosta mayor and the at-large Valdosta City Council post received more votes than the total number of ballots cast. Officials reported 4,492 ballots had been cast — but said they believed that number was wrong. The three candidates for Valdosta mayor totaled 4,905 votes while the at-large city council seat’s four candidates totaled 4,713.

About 8:45 p.m., officials updated the turnout numbers to show 5,450 ballots had been cast.

After officials re-uploaded the Precinct 10 ballots, the total of ballots cast was recorded as 5,758.

Three consecutive elections with large quantities of ballots being “discovered” after preliminary counts.  In Floyd County, the 2600 accounted for a 6.3% increase to the 38,500 votes initially reported.  President Trump “lost” Georgia by 00.25%.

In Dekalb County’s 2022 Primary, the 2,810 ballots accounted for an 18.1% increase to the 12,600 votes initial count.  And now, in Valdosta, there is a 22% discrepancy between the 4,492 ballots initially reported and the 5,758 ultimately reported.

Prophetically, persecuted attorney John Eastman claimed that this is what happened in the January 5th, 2021 run-off election, referring to votes being placed in a “secret folder in the machines.”  This statement from Eastman was made almost a year before the issue was discovered in Williamson County, TN in October 2021 and, subsequently, in Georgia’s voting machines.  The issue wasn’t reported to the public by the EAC until March 2022.

Not only has Georgia seemingly failed to address the “QR Code Signature Mismatch” warnings in their system and its apparent ties to the Williamson County “erroneous code” issue, but in response to the damning J Alex Halderman report released earlier this year, Secretary of State Raffensperger won’t be updating the State’s voting systems until after the 2024 election cycle:


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