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Creamer In Coffee May Not Be As Bad As You Thought, Study Finds



Researchers looked at three large prospective cohorts for this study, analyzing data on coffee habits and concurrent weight changes. On average, drinking unsweetened caffeinated coffee was associated with a slight reduction in weight over a four-year period. Adding one teaspoon of sugar to coffee daily was associated with modest weight gain (0.09 kg, or .19 pounds) over four years. Adding creamer or non-dairy creamer to coffee made no difference in weight, nor did drinking decaffeinated coffee instead of regular.

These findings squash the idea that adding cream to coffee automatically leads to unwanted weight gain. And while researchers did find that sugary coffee increased weight gain very slightly, it did so over a four-year period. So enjoying the occasional sweetened beverage shouldn’t undo an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. Just be wary of making it a habit, as a diet too high in added sugar can increase your risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and various inflammatory diseases.

Balancing the urge to make your morning cup of coffee just a bit healthier without overanalyzing it is important. If you find yourself feeling anxious over what foods you consume and which ones you skip, you may want to consult a therapist or your healthcare provider to manage this diet-related stress.


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