Home Top 10 Could a new Apple Pencil be the Vision Pro’s secret weapon?

Could a new Apple Pencil be the Vision Pro’s secret weapon?

Could a new Apple Pencil be the Vision Pro’s secret weapon?


A new version of the Apple Pencil could be compatible with the Vision Pro headset, which could offer a new way to write and draw within the mixed reality environment.

According to a report from MacRumors, citing an anonymous source, an updated version of the iPad’s stylus will offer support for visionOS 2.0.

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The report – or more, the sharing of a rumour – says Apple has “internally tested a new Apple Pencil with visionOS support.” The report says apps like Freeform and Pixelmator could be prime candidates for compatibility.

The report does outline some exciting possibilities:

No specific details are known about this project, but one possibility is that users would be able to draw with the Apple Pencil on a desk or another flat surface, and the drawing would appear in the open visionOS app. This would essentially turn a person’s surroundings into a giant canvas, complete with pressure and tilt sensitivity.


Given Apple is expected to unleash new versions of the iPad Pro within weeks, it’s possible that an upgraded Apple Pencil might already be on the way.

Whether that is the one that Apple is rumoured to be testing with visionOS obviously isn’t know at this point. Apple is likely to announce visionOS 2.0 at WWDC in June with a potential shipping date in the autumn.

It’s possible Apple will upgrade the current software before then, but any major improvements are likely to be held off for a new version.

Apple is yet to announce a Vision Pro launch outside of the United States yet, but the company had previous promised to expand availability by the end of 2024.


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