Home Top 10 Check out the Switch OLED’s early Prime Day price drop

Check out the Switch OLED’s early Prime Day price drop

Check out the Switch OLED’s early Prime Day price drop


If you don’t fancy waiting until after the weekend to enjoy some tasty deals from Amazon then you’ll definitely want to check out this price drop on the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The high-end handheld from Nintendo has just been given a swift reduction, dropping from £309.99 to just £284.99, making this the ideal time to pick one up, particularly if you need a console to keep you entertained during any upcoming holiday travels. You can also nab the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition Switch OLED on the cheap as well.

If you look at the price history of the Switch OLED on Amazon (via Keepa or Camel Camel Camel), you’ll spot that the device has never been cheaper than the price it’s currently listed at. As someone who made the jump from the regular Nintendo Switch to the Switch OLED, I can tell you that it’s well worth the upgrade.

Of course, the most appealing feature is in the product’s name – the new 7-inch OLED display that not only minimises the bezels to make better use of the Switch’s form factor, but it also makes any game on the system look infinitely better thanks to much improved colour vibrancy and contrast.

Early Prime Day Switch OLED Deal

Amazon’s seen fit to give the Switch OLED its biggest price drop yet as an early deal ahead of the Prime Day sale.

  • Amazon
  • Was £309.99
  • Now £284.99

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Take the newly released Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as an example. It’s much easier to see further off into the distance with the Switch OLED’s larger screen, and the luscious locales of Hyrule are done justice with the console’s improved tech.

Beyond the display, the Switch OLED also features upgraded speakers which helps to carry more of the action to your ears without having to crank up the volume. This is particularly handy if you’re diving into some multiplayer action in tabletop mode as you duke it out with a friend.

If you’re upgrading from the original Nintendo Switch then you’ll also notice a huge bump in battery life. The Switch OLED can provide up to nine hours of gameplay, which is huge leap forward from the 6.5-hour cap on the original Switch.

The Switch OLED was already an easy device to recommend to gamers looking for the best handheld experience out there, but now that it’s cheaper than ever, there’s never been a better time to add one to your arsenal.


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