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Capital spending soars as Amazon, Microsoft, Google bet big on AI


The leading cloud computing giants — Amazon, Microsoft, and Google’s parent company Alphabet — are set to significantly increase their capital expenditures to cater to the burgeoning field of generative AI, according to a report by The Financial Times.

A spike in infrastructure investment

These Big Tech companies, which command the global cloud market, have been steadily upping their investment in computing infrastructure. The last quarter saw their combined capital spending soar to $42 billion, marking a nearly 20% increase from the same period in 2021 and a 10% rise from the previous quarter. Analysts are forecasting an even sharper increase in cloud-related spending for the coming year.

Executives from these tech behemoths have indicated that a substantial portion of their capital outlays is being funneled into generative AI systems. These systems demand extensive computing power and data processing capabilities. Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy has projected that generative AI could generate “tens of billions in revenues.”

Competitive edge in the cloud market

The race to dominate the cloud market is intense, with Amazon’s profits heavily reliant on its cloud business. To maintain their market positions and attract new customers, these companies are not only enhancing their existing AI tools and services but also integrating AI technology into their core products.

Jeff Pearson, a managing director at technology consultancy Slalom, emphasized the necessity for these companies to invest in generative AI to stay relevant and maintain market share. This investment will require significant capital expenditure on servers, data centers, and related infrastructure.

Predictions and investments

Bank of America analysts anticipate a 22% increase in the collective cloud-related capital expenditures of Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft next year, reaching $116 billion. This projection follows a 20% increase in their combined investment last year, totaling $84 billion.

Microsoft, in particular, is accelerating its investment to support a surge in AI workloads and its broader cloud business. Despite the high costs, all three companies are investing in anticipation of future revenues.

The e-commerce factor

Amazon’s investment figures include assets for its retail business, which saw substantial investment during the pandemic. The recent decrease in Amazon’s investment figures compared to last year reflects a reduction in e-commerce spending. However, Amazon has indicated that while its retail capital expenditures may decline, its cloud-related investments will increase.

Partnerships with AI startups

The high costs of developing generative AI have led AI start-ups to form partnerships with these Big Tech firms. Microsoft, for instance, secured an exclusive deal with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, now valued at $86 billion. This partnership provides Microsoft’s customers with access to the technology behind ChatGPT, further solidifying its position in the market.

The impact on margins

While expanding capital-intensive businesses is essential for growth in the AI sector, analysts caution it could impact profit margins. High levels of capital expenditure may not immediately affect financial results but could pose challenges to margins and cash flow over time.

Alphabet has committed to restructuring its cost base to support AI investments, while Microsoft has acknowledged that margins may decrease due to cloud and AI investments.

As these tech giants gear up for a future dominated by AI, their aggressive investment strategies underscore the importance of generative AI in the next wave of technological advancement.

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