Home Technology Busting makes Destiny 2 feel good as Ghostbusters collab announced

Busting makes Destiny 2 feel good as Ghostbusters collab announced

Busting makes Destiny 2 feel good as Ghostbusters collab announced


Weird gaming collabs seem to be the norm these days and Bungie’s announcement today that Ghostbusters is coming to Destiny 2 in a little over a week’s time can definitely be added to that list.

In a post on X from the official Destiny 2 account an image featuring the iconic car from Ghostbusters as well as the ghost Slimer, was accompanied by the text:

“There’s something strange in our neighborhood…

Destiny 2 x Ghostbusters March 19, 2024”

Ghostbusters is a much-loved classic movie of course and the latest attempt at rebooting the franchise is released in cinemas just three days after the collaboration begins on March 22nd so the timing of the tie-in would appear to be perfect.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire features appearances from original cast members Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, alongside McKenna Grace, Annie Potts and Carrie Coon.

There is no further information from Bungie as to what the collab will entail but, as is always the case with announcements on X, it was met with both positive and negative as people vied to get their viewpoints across.

These ranged from the disagreeable like:

  • “This is like the equivalent of putting Nickelodeon characters in Smite. Makes no sense and is the ultimate sign of dead game.”
  • “Haven’t seen one person ask for this”
  • “Please don’t turn into Fortnite. For the love of God, please!”
  • “Bungie needs the money and this is pathetic. Crossovers take so much away from the immersion of a game world.”

To the much more positive kind of comment such as:

  • “You guys are trying your hardest to get me to reinstall”
  • “Take my money, u had me at Ghostbusters lol. Wwould have been awesome if it somehow had a jumpsuit”

The point about removing immersion is a sold one with collaborations like this which can be seen as either fun or shameless cash grabs, but when a developer spends so long crafting a game world, should it be acceptable to drop in out of place cosmetics from another franchise, It would seem as though not everybody agrees.



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