Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates claims, “This election was run extremely well.”

Maricopa County filed a response brief Friday to Kari Lake’s Petition for Transfer, which was filed in the Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday.

In the filing below, Maricopa County attempts to refute claims by Lake’s attorneys that because of illegal settings and secret testing of the voting systems before election day, “at least 8,000 misconfigured ‘fit-to-page’ ballots occurred at 127 vote centers on Election Day.” Lake’s attorneys also argue that “vote center tabulators logged over 7,000 rejections every 30 minutes from 6:30 am through 8:00 pm.”

This testing and reconfiguration occurred with no documentation or logging of tamper-evident seals, without providing the legally required public notice, and without political party observers, violating multiple provisions in the Elections Procedures Manual. It also occurred after the statutory October 11 logic and accuracy test, where they were required to test “any electronic voting equipment” that would be used in the election.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Lake’s Petition for Transfer, highlighting this new evidence of intentional wrongdoings that caused tabulators at 60% of voting locations to fail on election day when Republicans turned out 3:1 to vote for Kari Lake and Republican candidates.

JUST IN: Kari Lake’s Attorneys File New Brief & Petition to Transfer Election Case to AZ Supreme Court After Maricopa County BUSTED Falsely Certifying Voting Machines Past L&A Testing – 260/446 FAILED On AND BEFORE Election Day

This caused massive lines and wait times for mostly Republican voters. Tens of thousands of voters, some of whom waited in line for hours, placed their ballots in the mysterious “door #3” to be allegedly counted off-site later. It is unclear how many Kari Lake voters decided to just not vote.

Still, Maricopa County, in their response, ignores the long lines and, citing a Judge’s opinion, claims that the testimony of cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh “established that the Election Day issues ‘did not actually affect the results of the election.’”

The County also continues their comical argument that the tabulator failures were not failures but instead evidence that “the tabulators were correctly reading these ballots as errors.” How convenient that printer issues caused correctly filled ballots to produce the same error message as overvotes, blank ballots, and accessible voting ballots!

In a series of tweets, citizen watchdog group We The People AZ Alliance pointed out the lies and bogus arguments by Maricopa County:

Maricopa County Responds to Lake brief. MC admits they did NOT do ANY L&A testing! “Testing” before October 11 was not by statute which states notice MUST be given and conducted under observation of the political parties.

County also admits that they changed the programs AFTER the fake L&A testing…

They also state the claim that the tests failed is wrong. Tabulators read the errors just the way they should. What?!

Another notable portion of Maricopa County’s brief reads,

Lake’s attorneys also falsely assert that Maricopa County did not conduct the logic and accuracy testing required by A.R.S. § 16-449 on all of its tabulators, citing Parikh’s Declaration, which claims that no tabulator was tested. [Pet. at 1, 5; see Lake’s Appx 0071, ¶ 8(a).] First, that statute, which concerns the Secretary of State’s logic and accuracy testing, doesn’t specify that “all” tabulators must be tested, and the 2019 Elections Procedures Manual, which has the force of law under A.R.S. § 16-452, specifies that the Secretary’s logic and accuracy testing must be conducted on “selected equipment,” not all of it. 2019 EPM at 87. Second, the record reveals that the Secretary’s logic and accuracy testing of Maricopa County’s tabulators occurred on October 11, 2022, as required. [Ex. 1 to Parikh’s Decl., Secretary of State’s Logic & Accuracy Equipment Certificate (Lake-APPX 0094).]

Lake’s attorneys also assert that Maricopa County never tested all of its tabulators that would be used on election day. [Pet. at 7.] But that is false. Lake’s Appendix contains Scott Jarrett’s Declaration, in which he testified that the County tested all of its tabulators on October 4 through 10, 2022, and installed the final Election Program, which successfully passed the Secretary’s logic and accuracy testing, on October 14 through 18. [Lake-APPX 0328–0332, ¶¶ 4–17.]

Here, the County admits that they did not test all tabulators with the reprogrammed software that was installed and used after logic and accuracy testing. Instead, Maricopa claims that the “final Election Program” passing the Secretary of State’s logic and accuracy testing was enough to install it on tabulators without testing to certify that they were accurately reading and counting votes!

They also cite the law and requirements for the Secretary of State’s portion of logic and accuracy testing, which does not apply to Maricopa County. The Elections Procedures Manual clearly states that logic and accuracy testing must be conducted by counties on “all voting equipment prior to each election.”

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on the Arizona Supreme Court’s rulings in Kari Lake’s lawsuit. Stay tuned!

Read the full response brief below:

MC Response to Petition to Transfer FINAL by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

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