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Boost your workflow with the all-new Dell XPS range of laptops

Boost your workflow with the all-new Dell XPS range of laptops


(Sponsored) Depending on your job requirements and what each day tends to look like, it can be tricky to find a laptop that suits your precise needs. After all, a writer who travels the world doesn’t need the same processing power as a 3D animator, but one thing they do share in common is that they can find exactly what they need in the new Dell XPS range.

Taking the guesswork out of buying a new workstation, the sleek, updated Dell XPS range now has three main devices to make the upgrade process even easier so that no matter which model you go for, you’ll always be getting a cutting edge laptop.

At the start of the new range is the Dell XPS 13 which takes portability to a whole new level. Because of its slimline 13.4-inch display, the Dell XPS 13 is able to cram tons of tech into a light 2.6lbs frame that’s only 14.8mm thin. With that type of build, the Dell XPS 13 can easily be carried in one hand, or slung into a rucksack.

There’s no downside to that portability either as Dell’s ingenious keyboard layout makes full use of the entire width of the Dell XPS 13, giving you a truly unencumbered typing experience, and when powered by either the Intel Core Ultra 5 or 7, the Dell XPS 13 makes most tasks a breeze.

Simply put, this is the ideal laptop for students who need to move between multiple lecture halls in the same day, or professionals who have a job that requires them to travel regularly. Even when you are on the move and a power outlet is hard to come by, you won’t have any battery anxiety with the Dell XPS 13 in tow.

On a single charge, the Dell XPS 13 can stream Netflix for up to 18-hours before needing a top-up, meaning that you’ll have more than enough battery in the tank to get you through whatever the day has in store.

Dell XPS 14

For those who like to dabble in content creation in their spare time however and require a little more power to give their creative edge a boost then the Dell XPS 14 is easily your next go-to laptop.

Packing the Intel Core Ultra 7 processor, the Dell XPS 14 is powerful enough to run advanced AI features on the device itself – perfect for streamlining your workload.

That’s before mentioning the gorgeous 14.5-inch 3.2K+ OLED display that can pump out rich colours and an image that’s full of high-ranging contrast. It’s the type of screen that can make your work truly pop, but it can really come into its own after the day is done.

When you’re ready to kick back and enjoy the latest films and TV shows, you can stream up to 21-hours of Netflix, and when paired with the robust 8W speakers onboard the Dell XPS 14, you can get the cinematic experience no matter where you are.

While the Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 14 are powerful and mobile, if your job requires some heavy duty machinery for the likes of full-time content creation or even 3D animation, then the conversation starts and ends with the super-powerful Dell XPS 16.


Designed for those who need a maximum-level device that can be taken on the road when necessary, the Dell XPS 16 leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. You can run the most demanding tasks smoother and faster with the latest Intel Core Ultra processor up to the Intel Core Ultra 9, but it can also be paired with an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. Additionally, the efficient Intel Arc graphics can be swapped to a dedicated RTX 4070 graphics card.

The Dell XPS 16 is also at the forefront of AI technology, as it can handle demanding large language models to help you to make the most of any AI components that you may use to help speed up your workload.

When in the editing stages of a project, the Dell XPS 16’s 4K+ OLED 16.3-inch display can render colours beautifully and accurately, so you’ll know exactly how the finished product will turn out at all times.

With up to 80W sustained performance and the ability to customise your laptop to feature up to 4TB SSD storage and up to 64GB LPDDR5x memory, the Dell XPS 16 doesn’t just keep up with your workload, it gives you the performance required to take your creativity even further.

Regardless of whether your workload is better suited for the Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 14 or the Dell XPS 16, you can find exactly what you need to get the job done in the all-new Dell XPS range. Order your very own Dell XPS laptop today to see how far your creativity can take you.


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