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Body Mists Are Back & Better Than Ever: How To Wear Them Well



With Y2K inspired, well, everything (spiky buns, frosted lids, chunky belts…the list goes on), it only makes sense that body mists would re-enter the beauty chat. And for those who did experience the body mist boom back in the day, snagging one of these modern versions can help you tap into your whimsical, youthful side. 

“There’s something about body mists that is easy, lighthearted, and fun,” notes Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn. They’re typically less concentrated than your standard eau de parfum, which means they don’t have as much longevity, so you can feel free to spray with abandon without fear of overpowering your senses. It’s more about an immediate splash of scent than one that develops with wear. 

This casual application makes them ideal for summer spritzing, says Debi Theis, president of Henry Rose, especially for those with more active lifestyles. Why? You see, body mists tend to be way more hydrating than other types of fragrance, so they can easily double as a skin refresher. 

“They’re formulated with water as their base, as opposed to eau de parfums which are [typically] alcohol-based, making them refreshing and cooling to the skin; allowing for liberal spritzing throughout the day and all over the body and hair,” Theis explains.

Yet don’t mistake their laid-back, less concentrated nature for simplicity—body mists can be layered and complex. They typically focus on a single note, but it’s still important to balance out the olfactory experience with other key aromas, and that’s what keeps them smelling sophisticated. 

So let’s stop believing body mists are inferior to perfumes; it just depends on which fragrance experience you’re craving on a given day. “I work with master perfumers for both formats—they are just different expressions of scent,” adds Shapiro. 


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