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Blockchain Development Companies 2023 | Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Development Companies 2023 | Blockchain Solutions


Blockchain is the future. This is not an overstatement, even if few might prefer to call it one. According to a survey, the blockchain industry is expected to be worth $163.83 billion by 2029, with a CAGR rate of 56.3%. With a market potential so high, it becomes imperative that businesses start investing in blockchain technology at the earliest.

However, with markets completely saturated with companies claiming to deliver exceptional blockchain development services, it becomes challenging for businesses to find the right development partner for their operations. To find the right blockchain development company easier, we have compiled a list of leading Blockchain developers who have set a benchmark in the market with their stellar services.

OpenXcell tops our list of Top 10 Blockchain Services 2023 for various reasons. The company has decade-long experience in blockchain development and consultancy services and has successfully delivered multiple projects, including revolutionary technology. With 700+ happy clients, it is popular for providing state-of-the-art software solutions and services.

Blockchain Solutions developed by OpenXcell are known to be highly secure and possess unparalleled digital security features. Its 14 years of expertise in the industry, along with 500+ seasoned developers, amount to quality software products. Their holistic approach towards software and blockchain development is well thought out, and analyzes all options before they start the development process. This results in blockchain solutions that are innovative, technologically superior, and safe while being user-friendly and convenient for market use.


Apriorit is a specialized software engineering firm and the second blockchain software expert to make it to our list of reliable blockchain development companies. With many successful blockchain-based products and Smart contracts, Apriorit helps modern enterprises with blockchain software.

Equipped with excellent developmental capabilities, a team of reliable 400+ expert developers, and 21 years of experience, the company is dedicated to building stellar software solutions, upgrading legacy products, and configuring cloud environments.


IBM iX is yet another company that has made it to the list of innovative and progressive blockchain application developers. IBM iX incorporates the revolutionary IBM Design Thinking in all its projects to solve clients’ problems and build robust solutions.
IBM Team is known for ideating, measuring, iterating, and scaling solutions seamlessly with an ergonomic approach to design thinking along with modern agile and DevOps practices. IBM delivers speed-to-value quality services.


Pythian is another global IT company that helps businesses leverage the latest disruptive technologies in the market and help them get ahead of their competition. The company has 20 years of experience crafting software solutions and hiring nothing but the best talent to meet clients’ technical and business expertise. Pythian has been working with Fox Sports, Sonos, Shutterfly, and Blackberry Messenger clients. It has delivered robust solutions incorporating the latest technologies.


Fueled is an excellent firm specializing in designing and developing award-winning mobile applications and websites with great UI/UX design, convenient interface, and great performance. The brand caters to businesses of all sizes, from Startups to small and medium enterprises to large conglomerates. They are known to reinvent application development one project at a time.

Fueled and its team of 200+ reliable and globally diverse developers have successfully completed various projects and brought them to the market in the shortest time.

NTT Data Italia

NTT DATA is one important company to watch out for when it comes to creating reliable and secure blockchain solutions which are both secure and transparent. The company uses the best of Information Technology to bring innovative solutions to its clients. Headquartered in Tokyo, NTT DATA is the world’s 6th largest IT service provider, with more than 151000 professionals in 52+ countries.

Talan HQ

Based in Paris with offices in London, Geneva, Luxembourg, New York, and many more cities, Talan HQ is a major French player in the software engineering industry. With as many as 1500 employees, Talan is a leading innovator in blockchain development, offering a wide range of development and consultancy services. The company delivers fully packaged solutions, including IT products, support engineers, developers, business analysts, and nearshore capacity.


Luxoft is a global leader in IT services of technology solutions and offers a wide variety of services in data analytics, design, cloud solutions, QA Automation, Legacy Modernization, and much more. With Luxoft, clients leverage multi-industry expertise in numerous industries, including automotive, communications, and life sciences sectors.

All solutions developed by Luxoft help increase revenue, ensure significant cost savings, increase operational efficiency, and provide many other benefits.

Quality Professional Services

Commonly referred to as QPros, Quality Professional Services are recognized leaders in providing IT services, including blockchain development quality assurance and testing services, while following all government regulations. They have made it to our list of reliable blockchain developers for the sheer quality of their tech services. QA and software frameworks they built are tailored to customer requirements and help enhance and control quality factors in all software deliverables.

Rapid Innovation

Last but not least, Rapid Innovation is a stellar blockchain and AI development company that offers cutting-edge solutions to startups and entrepreneurs. The company has a vision of embracing blockchain technology to deliver better economic freedom to customers. They have earned a spot on our list for creating long-lasting solutions that enrich organizations through the power of blockchain technology and services.


With technological markets evolving at lightning speed, it becomes essential for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing scenarios. It becomes imperative for companies to find the right software development partner who can incorporate these technologies into their business workflows.

Companies mentioned in the list are reliable regarding blockchain development and can help boost their clients’ progress manifold.

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