Home Top 10 Black Friday’s Pixel 8 Pro mega deal has arrived early

Black Friday’s Pixel 8 Pro mega deal has arrived early

Black Friday’s Pixel 8 Pro mega deal has arrived early


Black Friday might not kick off until later this month, but that hasn’t stopped many retailers from getting in on the discount fun a little early. That includes Mobiles.co.uk, offering a wide range of discounted phones both SIM-free and on contract – and one particular deal on the brand new Google Pixel 8 Pro has caught our eye. 

The deal in question bundles the 128GB Google Pixel 8 Pro in Obsidian with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 250GB of 5G data to use every month on the iD network with an upfront cost of £149 and a cheap monthly payment of just £29.99.

Get the Pixel 8 Pro for £29.99 per month with 250GB data

Get the brand new Google Pixel 8 Pro with unlimited calls and texts as well as 250GB of 5G data for £29.99 per month with £149 upfront. That’d still make it cheaper than the £999 RRP over the two-year contract!

  • Mobiles.co.uk
  • 250GB of data
  • £29.99 per month

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While the upfront cost may put some off, it’s worth noting that, even with the £149 upfront cost and £29.99 monthly contract fee, you’ll still end up paying less than the £999 RRP of the Pixel 8 Pro, coming to £868.76. 

That’s especially tempting considering the Google Pixel 8 Pro is only a month old, making its debut last month in October 2023. This means you’re getting the very latest in Google smartphone tech pretty much as soon as it’s available. 

It also helps that the Google Pixel 8 Pro is an absolutely stellar flagship smartphone, achieving an impressive 4-star rating and the Trusted Reviews Recommended award in our full review. 

What we liked about the Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google’s most interesting phone yet


  • The bright, flat screen is stunning
  • Often incredible camera performance across all sensors and lenses
  • AI features offer unique software tricks
  • 7 years of updates


  • Uncomfortable to hold
  • Temperature sensor is pointless
  • Performance not as strong as similarly priced phones
  • Notable price increase over 7 Pro

We praised the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera prowess in particular, offering a range of AI-powered shooting modes like Night Sight and Super Res Zoom that deliver impressive performance in all lighting conditions, with exceptional detail, colour and dynamic range in shots taken. That’s further improved by the swathe of unique AI photo and video editing capabilities, including both Best Take and Magic Audio Eraser exclusive to the Pixel 8 collection.

Cameras aside, the Pixel 8 Pro remains a success with a stunningly bright 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED display, Tensor G3 chipset power, solid battery life and the longest software support of any Android phone on the market.

More specifically, Google has committed to a whopping 7 OS upgrades that’ll take the phone through to Android 21. That’ll mean the Pixel 8 Pro you get today will continue to improve for the next 7 years, carrying you through the entire contract period and then some. 

Looking for a different deal?

If the Google Pixel 8 Pro deal is a little too pricy for your tastes, we’ve also spotted an equally tempting deal on the regular Pixel 8 with no upfront cost, and if you’re tempted to switch sides and give the iPhone a shot, this deal on the iPhone 15 with unlimited data is one for serious consideration.


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