Home Top 10 Black Friday iPhone 14 deal destroys the iPhone 15

Black Friday iPhone 14 deal destroys the iPhone 15

Black Friday iPhone 14 deal destroys the iPhone 15


Why pay loads for an iPhone 15 when the still-fresh iPhone 14 can be had this cheap ahead of Black Friday?

We don’t know why you would, is the obvious answer. This deal gives you the iPhone 14 on a 24 month iD Mobile contract with a generous 250GB of data allowance, all for just £29.99. There’s a nominal £9 up front fee to play too.

That’s a total price of £728.76, which is only a little more than it would cost you to buy the iPhone 14 outright from Apple. When you put it like that, you’re essentially getting that data-rich contract for a little under £30, or £1.24 a month if we’re being precise.

Get the iPhone 14 with 250GB of data for £29.99 a month

This deal gets you the iPhone 14 with 250GB of monthly data for just £29.99, with an up front fee of £9.

  • Mobiles.co.uk
  • 250GB data allowance
  • £29.99 a month, £9 up front

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You read that right – Apple is still selling the iPhone 14 as new, meaning it’s an ongoing concern despite the recent arrival of the iPhone 15. Given that Apple will continue to supply the iPhone 14 with OS updates for at least another six years, going by past experience, it’s far from obsolete.

We awarded the iPhone 14 a healthy 4-star review last year, calling it “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits”.

Its battery life is very good indeed, its cameras are as reliable as ever, whatever the conditions, and it comes with a couple of clever new safety features. If you’re in a car crash, the iPhone 14 will automatically notify emergency services. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in a spot of bother and there’s no mobile signal, the iPhone 14 can get you help using a satellite connection.

Yep, the iPhone 14 is a safe bet alright, especially if you’re getting it as part of this deal in the lead-up to Black Friday.


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