Home Politics Bill Maher’ “Democrats Are Now the Ones Carrying the Tiki Torches” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Bill Maher’ “Democrats Are Now the Ones Carrying the Tiki Torches” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Bill Maher’ “Democrats Are Now the Ones Carrying the Tiki Torches” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit


Liberal host Bill Maher is increasingly calling out the people on his own side over the disgusting support being expressed for Hamas.

On Friday, Ian Bremmer and Fareed Zakaria joined Maher on Real Time to discuss the recent upsurge of antisemitism among the youth.

Bill Maher: What do you make of this level of just gut wrenching just anti-Semitism? I must admit I don’t think of myself as a naive person. And I’ve been surprised. It was like a volcano that blew. I mean, just the people in the United States with banners ‘F*** Israel’ you know, ‘Any Means necessary.’

I just I don’t know where this comes from. I guess it’s ancient. Obviously, the hatred of the Jews goes way back, but I was taken aback by this.

Ian Bremmer: You can’t tell me you don’t think social media has made it much worse.

Maher: So you think that’s the answer because it’s got to be something about the Jews themselves. Because there are other people around the world who are oppressed. There are other colonized places, not that Israel colonized anything, but why this one place? Why does this arouse, especially among young people, I mean, young people who hated Trump because he wouldn’t condemn the people with the tiki torches talking about Jews rule. You’re the ones with the tiki torches.

Fareed Zakaria: To answer your question, Bill, because I have also wondered about this. The upsurge of anti-Semitism that you’re seeing around the world, and sadly, in the United States itself, is in a way the most powerful justification for the state of Israel. Right?

It must feel to Jews everywhere that they are not safe, that the one place they can be safe is the state of Israel. It is the ultimate justification. Why it happens is, sadly, it is the oldest bigotry known to man. I mean, it comes out of the Christian ideas about Jews…

Maher: But that’s not what college kids think. College kids are not hating….

Zakaria: But I think what happens is there’s just this upsurge. You have all kinds of different people doing it for all kinds of different reasons. And I think it just reminds you …I hear people saying, well, we should ban this kind of speech and there is now laws in France, for example. I don’t know that that’s the answer. I think the answer is to educate people to understand this is gross ancient bigotry, that civilized people shouldn’t believe this kind of thing. That’s the part that’s most worrying.


In the last few weeks, Maher has called out the people on his own side for expressing support for Hamas and for the disgusting displays we have seen on college campuses.


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