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Biden Reminds The World Of America’s Economic Success Under His Presidency


At a press conference in Vietnam, Biden reminded the nation and the globe that the US has the greatest economy in the world.

Biden said:

Countries following the IRA playbook, which is the one we passed, the clean energy jobs will create manufacturing jobs. For example, as a consequence of what we’ve done, we have the most — we have the strongest economy in the world today. Right now today the United States of America has the strongest economy in the world. In the world. Now, we’ve got more to do. But we have the strongest economy in the world. And one of the reasons that we’re doing it, we changed the mechanism of how we deal with this and that is instead of trickle down economy, that is if the wealthy and the corporations do very well, everybody is going to do well. Well, the truth of the matter is, I’ve never bought that theory. But I think that times have changed and a lot of leading economists are beginning to agree with me. We should build from the middle out and the bottom up. When that happens, everybody does well. Everybody does well. The wealthy still do very, very well.”

Video of Biden:

President Biden was right. and he ought to be making this point every day. The US economy is doing so well because he made it a priority to invest in the American people after the world came out of the height of COVID. Biden deserves credit for the resurgence in US manufacturing. Biden’s administration has rebuilt the US economy in a way that hasn’t been seen FDR.

Joe Biden put the middle class ahead of the wealthy and corporations, and it is working.

The President should use every available platform to remind Americans of where they were economically, and where they could go again if they put Republicans back in the White House.

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