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Best hard floor cleaners 2023: Keep your floors clean the easy way

Best hard floor cleaners 2023: Keep your floors clean the easy way



  • Cleans right to the edge
  • Leaves floors very dry
  • Batteries compatible with other ONEPWR tools


  • Manual dosing
  • No hot air drying

An upgrade on the original, the Vax ONEPWR Glide 2 boosts power, ease of use and edge performance while maintaining many features that made the original so good.

As with the first product, the Glide 2 is part of the ONEPWR range of devices, which includes vacuum cleaners, spot cleaners and more. This model ships with a 4Ah battery, but you can use any ONEPWR battery from other products. If you’ve got other products, that’s handy, as you can boost runtime here by reusing your existing batteries.

We measured battery life at 21m 13s in our tests, which was enough to clean our 25m² kitchen and wiz around the rest of our downstairs. How many hard floors you have and how dirty they are will affect your cleaning range.

This cleaner has a 1-litre clean water tank, which combines water and cleaning solution; there’s a 0.75-litre dirty water tank, where everything sucked up from the floor ends up. Typically, this means emptying the dirty tank a couple of times for a full tank.

Emptying is easy, and there’s a separator inside that removes solids from the waste. While the Glide 2 can be used as a complete vacuum cleaner and mop at the same time, we find it’s often easier to vacuum bigger mess first, particularly with pets: as with all hard floor cleaners, sorting out wet pet hair isn’t fun.

Cleaning performance is excellent. Once turned on, the Glide 2 is in suction-only mode, with a trigger to dispense cleaning solution. We like machines that auto-dose, but the advantage here is that it’s easy to saturate tough stains with the cleaning solution.

Trying the Glide 2 on a variety of messes, it blasted through everything, removing mud, dried-on BBQ sauce and picking up bigger chunks of debris right to the edge of the room. And it left our floors virtually dry, safe to walk on just a few minutes after we had finished cleaning.

Reviewer: David Ludlow
Full review: Vax ONEPWR Glide 2 review


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