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Best electric shaver 2023: The easy way to a smooth face

Best electric shaver 2023: The easy way to a smooth face


While there’s no doubt that a proper wet shave gives the smoothest finish, it’s a lot of faff and can easily end up with a few cuts to contend with. Buy one of the best electric shavers, and you can get rid of the stubble in a fraction of the time.

It’s not just about time-saving. Electric shavers are inherently safer than those with an exposed blade, making them kinder to your face. And they’re more versatile products, too. While a wet shaver can remove hair entirely, electric shavers can reduce hair length, trimming rather than scalping.

Spend more for one of the best electric shavers and you’ll find that the results actually aren’t far off what you get from an wet razor, delivering a face that’s smooth to the touch. Sure, you might need to shave more often to keep your face smooth, but with devices this easy, who cares?

There’s a final reason to think about an electric shaver: using it in combination with a wet shave. This is a useful strategy, particularly if you don’t shave often, as the electric shaver can be used to reduce the worst of the stubble, tackling what’s left with a blade.

No matter how you want to use an electric shaver, we’ve got models to suit all budgets and needs.

Best electric shavers at a glance

How we test

How we test electric shavers

There’s only one way to test electric shavers properly: to use them. Our expert testers use each product for a prolonged period, testing them on various hair lengths to see how well each product copes. The most powerful electric shavers can reduce longer hairs, but cheaper models will struggle and have to be used more regularly.

We also test any accessories that come with a shaver, including hair combs for trimming hair and sideburns. We evaluate how well each product copes.

Battery life is important, so we see how long each shaver lasts in real use. Finally, we tell you how easy each shaver is to clean up when it’s been used.

Panasonic Series 900+

The best overall electric shaver


  • Very close shave
  • Adjusts power automatically
  • Comfortable to hold

It’s not just wet razor manufacturers that engage in competition to fit the most blades into their products; electric shaver companies seem keen to compete. The Panasonic Series 900+ has six blades designed to give the closest shave possible.

With the blades hidden behind the foils on the gigantic head. This shaver looks like it would be tricky to hold, but Panasonic has nailed the ergonomics, and this model is well-balanced and surprisingly easy to manoeuvre.

This head has two lift blades that pull the hair up; two thick stubble blades that chop the hair off; and two finish blades to leave a smooth finish. It’s a configuration that works well, with the shaver sliding easily over the face and leaving smooth skin behind. We were impressed with the lack of irritation, too.

This shaver can be used wet or dry, so can you whip it out in the shower and shave while you’re cleaning up.

Battery life comes in at 50 minutes, which means you’ll get around 10 days’ worth of use out of a full charge, although those that travel a lot may prefer a model that lasts for longer. That said, if you want an electric shaver that can deliver a smooth finish, this is one is great value.

Full review: Panasonic Series 900+ review

Reviewer: Lee Bell

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Foil Shaver F6000

The best budget electric shaver


  • Great value
  • Decent shave
  • USB charging


  • Trimmer didn’t work very well
  • Wide head

It might not offer the closest shave, but the Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Foil Shaver F6000 is a great budget choice: it’s waterproof, looks the part and can even be charged via USB.

At 203g, this shaver is just about the right size. It feels hefty enough that you don’t think it’s cheap, but light enough that it’s easy to hold and use.

Most shavers have a proprietary charger but the Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Foil Shaver F6000 can be charged via USB, so it’s great for travelling with. The fact that this shaver comes with a blade cover, cleaning brush and travel pouch reinforces its use as a travel companion.

Although the pivot head is a little wide to get into tight areas, such as under ears, and the shaver struggles with longer hairs, the overall cut is actually pretty good: the end result is smooth enough to do, although not as close a shave as you get from the more expensive models on the list.

We didn’t think much of the pop-out trimmer, which missed quite a few hairs in our tests. That aside, if you want a cheap electric shaver, either for travel use or before you have a wet shave, then it’s hard to argue with this model’s low price.

Full review: Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Foil Shaver F6000 review

Reviewer: Lee Bell

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver

The best mid-range electric shaver


  • Adapts automatically
  • Pop-out beard trimmer
  • Fast charge


  • Not so good at longer hairs

Balancing price against features, the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver delivers a high-tech experience, including a head that adjusts for hair length automatically, without the astronomical price of other models. It’s available in several versions, including a more expensive model that has a self-clean dock.

It might have an all-plastic body, but the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver feels anything but cheap, with a robust feel. At just 185g, this lightweight shaver is easy to hold, particularly as it has a rubberised grip.

Thanks to the combination of the two foils and inner blade, the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver is impressive at dealing with long-ish and short hairs alike. It did struggle a little to catch very long hairs, so we found this shaver a better choice for those who shave regularly.

For versatility, this model can be used wet or dry, and it has a pop-out beard trimmer that adds an extra feature into the mix.

Battery life comes in at 50 minutes, so it should last around 10 days (or a bit longer) in regular use. For emergencies, a five-minute charge gives enough power to get through a shave.

There are electric shavers that will give a closer shave, but for the combination of quality and price, this is a great mid-ranger.

Full review: Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver review

Reviewer: Lee Bell

Philips Series 9000 Prestige

The best high-end electric shaver

If an electric shaver will carry a high price, it needs to be amazing. Fortunately, the hugely expensive Philips Series 9000 Prestige manages to pull this off, delivering a super-smooth finish.

If you’re going to use the ‘prestige’ in a product name, the build better match. Here, there’s no doubt, and this is a robust-feeling shaver that looks amazing. Looks are one thing, but the Philips Series 9000 Prestige also delivers the goods.

First, this shaver uses a smart charging dock with Qi wireless charging. Just place the shaver down and it will top itself up, without having to plug a cable in. The model that we reviewed doesn’t have a cleaning dock, but there’s a more expensive option that does.

Using round cutters that contour to your face, the Philips Series 9000 Prestige can also detect the length of hair automatically and adjust cutting power to suit. The end result is a shaver that’s really easy to use, gliding across our face and leaving us feeling smooth and fresh with very little irritation. The end result was the best shave that we’ve ever had from an electric shaver.

Battery life is around an hour, so you get close to two weeks’ worth of use out of it, assuming you shave every day.

It is very expensive and anyone on a tighter budget will find cheaper models on this list including the Series 7000 below; if you do have the money, then the Philips Series 9000 Prestige is worth every penny.

Full review: Philips Series 9000 Prestige review

Reviewer: Lee Bell

Philips Series 7000

The best electric shaver for those with sensitive skin

A slightly cheaper model than the Philips 9000, the Philips Series 7000 is a more affordable option, yet has some of the same technology.

Core to this electric shaver is the triple-head design, which adapts and contours to your face. According to Philips this design can reduce friction by 85%, making this shaver a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin and who find shaving uncomfortable.

There are also 2000 micro-beads on the shaver head, designed to reduce friction further. The end result is excellent, and we felt very little irritation when using this shaver.

Fortunately, shaving performance wasn’t compromised, and we had a smooth face at the end of the shave. The Series 9000 arguably delivered an even closer shave, but this model isn’t far behind.

With an hour of battery life, you should be able to get two weeks of use out of a single charge, so this model is also a good travel companion.

If you struggle with a traditional razor or haven’t got on with electric shavers before, the gentle Philips Series 7000 could be for you.

Full review: Philips Series 7000 review

Reviewer: Lee Bell


Can an electric shaver give as close a shave as a wet shave?

Not quite, but the best ones can get close and electric shavers are far easier to use, and don’t cause as much irritation. If you don’t like shaving, an electric shaver makes more sense than a traditional one. Electric shavers are also good if you want to reduce stubble before pulling out a regular shaver.

Is it worth getting an electric shaver with a cleaning dock?

A cleaning dock automatically cleans a shaver, keeping it hygienic. They make maintenance easy and are well worth the investment if you’re going to use an electric shaver regularly. If you don’t have the cash or don’t use a shaver that often, then you’ll need to wash it the traditional way.

Is an electric shaver good for your skin?

Any blade cutting hair can cause some irritation, but electric shavers are more gentle on your face than a bare blade. Some models are specifically designed to reduce irritation, which could be a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

Can you use shaving foam with an electric shaver?

If you have a wet and dry shaver (most that we’ve reviewed are), then you can use shaving foam. Doing so isn’t strictly necessary, but the foam can help moisturise your face and give you a smoother shave. If you don’t like the feeling of a dry shave, then it’s worth trying foam.

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