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Awesome iPhone 15 camera feature lands on older iPhones next week


During the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro announcement on September 12, Apple added a few neat kinks to the camera’s Portrait mode.

One of them was the ability to use all of that lovely depth information captured by the cameras to adjust the focal point by within the Photos app after the fact.

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Well, according to a new report, the feature won’t be exclusive to the iPhone 15 and will be delivered to older iPhones on September 18 via the iOS 17 update.

According to an eagle-eyed iOS 17 beta user on Twitter, the feature is available in the release candidate. Better still, you’ll be able to refocus old photos you’ve snapped in Portrait mode! That means you’ll be able to revisit Portrait mode photos from the past you didn’t get right first time around.

If this is indeed the case, it’ll be interesting to see which iPhones you’ll be able to refocus those images on. Dylan himself was using an iPhone 14, but it’s possible it could go father down the trough too. It might be dependent on the A-Series chip generation. Perhaps Apple will offer some clarity in the days to come.

You can see the evidence in the videos below:

The other new Portrait feature enables the iPhone 15 Pro can intelligently take portraits with all of the associated effects without actually entering the specific Portrait Mode within the camera interface.

It’s a neat new feature enabled when people cats or dogs are spotted within the frame and the user taps to focus, all of that depth information will automatically be captured. From there you’ll be able to transform it into a portrait photo within the Photos app. Nice.

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