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Apple Watch 9 vs Pixel Watch: The two flagships compared

Apple Watch 9 vs Pixel Watch: The two flagships compared


Google’s Pixel Watch now has even more competition in the form of the Apple Watch 9, but how do the two wearables compare? Time to run through it.

For the longest time, Google’s first wearable has had to fend off fierce competition from the Apple Watch 8, and that’s before mentioning the other competitors within the Wear OS ecosystem, including the Galaxy Watch 6 and the TicWatch Pro 5. Well, the landscape is about to undergo a massive change following the unveiling of the new Apple Watch 9.

Apple’s latest wearable is about to introduce some key new features to the market that could sway some buyers who might have considered picking up the stylish Pixel Watch instead. To know how the latest smartwatches from Google and Apple compare, just keep reading on.

Design philosophy couldn’t be more different

The most obvious difference between these two wearables is the design philosophy that they espouse. The Apple Watch features a slightly rectangular chassis that makes it look less like a traditional timepiece and more like a piece of tech.

The Pixel Watch on the other hand has opted for a rounded, pebble style build that makes it feel far more traditional from a glance, making it a better pick for those who don’t want to fully embrace the smartwatch world just yet.

Apple Watch 9

watchOS 10 vs Wear OS 3

On the software front, neither smartwatch is a slouch. Google has had to play the biggest game of catch up after Wear OS 2 was left to stagnate for so long, but the future now looks a lot brighter thanks to continued updates for Wear OS 3 as well as more active developer support.

The Pixel Watch also has the luxury of being able to be paired with a near endless amount of Android smartphones, while the Apple Watch 9 is exclusively locked inside of Apple’s ecosystem. The upside there however is that Apple has slowly been perfecting watchOS for years and it’s easily the gold standard for smartwatch operating systems.

Pixel Watch has Fitbit in its pocket

Apple’s fitness ecosystem is easy to understand and the ‘Rings’ system is a great indicator for general everyday effort, but the Pixel Watch has an ace in the hole which is that it features Fitbit’s ecosystem right out of the box.

Fitbit has tons of great fitness advice and metrics, plus it does a better job of calculating your effort on a weekly basis instead of daily like the Apple Watch does, which is better suited for most working adults who can only workout on certain days.

Apps on the Google Pixel Watch


The cost of either smartwatch is another key factor that could sway your buying decision, and in this realm the Pixel Watch just wins out. With a starting price of £329/$349, the Pixel Watch is far more affordable than the Apple Watch 9 with a comparative £419/$399.

The key thing to note however is that there is a cheaper Apple Watch available in the form of the Apple Watch SE 2, so there is a budget buy on the cards for any iPhone users after a cheaper wearable.


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