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Apple tipped to dramatically reduce online support methods

Apple tipped to dramatically reduce online support methods


Apple is reportedly planning to cut a number of the methods through which you can gain online customer support.

According to a new MacRumors piece citing multiple anonymous sources, Apple intends to eliminate a number of its social media-based support advisor roles. This will include such provisions in Twitter, YouTube, and even the company’s own Apple Support Community website.

The report claims that this big Apple online support cull will commence later this year. Following the end of these roles, it will be impossible for Apple customers to gain support via these avenues.

In the case of Twitter (or X if you want to be all Elon Musk about it), the @AppleSupport account will no longer provide human replies from October 1, claims the report. After this date, you’ll receive an automated replay offering alternative methods for contacting Apple. The company has been offering support on Twitter since 2016.

As for YouTube, the current ability to gain support directly through the comments section of Apple-uploaded videos will be done away with. Any Community Specialists paid to help out on the Apple Support Community forum will similarly be done away with.

It seems Apple will be offering hundreds of employees affected by this cull the chance to move to a traditional phone-based support role, but it seemingly won’t be possible for these employees to move to an equivalent online chat-based role unless medically necessary.

The transition away from these chat-based assistance roles will apparently be completed by November.

If your shiny new iPhone 15 starts playing up, it seems you’ll have to talk to an actual human being in order to sort it out.


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