Home Politics AOC Just Called For An Investigation Into Ivanka Trump For Fraud

AOC Just Called For An Investigation Into Ivanka Trump For Fraud

AOC Just Called For An Investigation Into Ivanka Trump For Fraud


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told House Republicans at the IRS whistleblower hearing that if they are interested in following evidence, they should investigate Ivanka Trump for felony fraud.


Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said:

When we talk about political influence, we’re not here today, unfortunately, because the facts have brought us here. We’re here today because Donald Trump is exerting an influence campaign in Congress when he’s no longer president of the United States. In addition to that, if we want to talk about charges that have been dismissed, and if we do want to follow the evidence, perhaps we should discuss Ivanka Trump’s investigation being charged — who is close to being charged with felony fraud after Donald Trump’s personal attorney provided political contributions to the local D.A. The charges were dismissed, and ultimately we saw that D.A. Vance, President Trump’s attorney, provided over $50,000 in political contributions after the case was dismissed.

So we talk about political contributions. If we’re following the evidence, that we’re willing, this committee, if this committee is going to go there, that they open investigations into the dismissed charges of Ivanka Trump and by the way, if the chair — if the gentle lady from Georgia,, wanted to follow evidence, we should also take a look at hypothetically a case where sex trafficking charges against a 17-year-old girl potentially —

Rep. Ocasio Cortez ran out of time when she got to how the committee should investigate Matt Gaetz for allegedly sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl.

AOC’s comments are not the first time Ivanka Trump and fraud have been linked. New York’s criminal fraud investigation of the Trump Organization extends to Ivanka Trump.

There is also Donald Trump’s tax fraud, where Ivanka Trump was also a party to the alleged crimes.

If the Oversight Committee was sincerely interested in following evidence, they could spend years investigating Ivanka Trump and her family.


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