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Alexander McQueen Fall 2024: A New Chapter

Alexander McQueen Fall 2024: A New Chapter


Alexander McQueen’s fall-winter 2024 collection marks Seán McGirr’s debut as the new creative director. This collection is a bold departure from his predecessor, embracing a narrative of rough opulence and a primal, untamed spirit within.

The color palette is a study in contrast: deep blacks and earthy tones against vibrant, electrifying hues, creating a visual spectacle that challenges the onlooker’s perceptions.

The aesthetic is a blend of the raw and the refined. Oversized, sculptural knitwear in monochromatic introduces a tactile dimension, evoking a sense of protection and envelopment.

These voluminous silhouettes, reminiscent of armor, contrast strikingly with the sleek, glossy textures of leather skirts and trousers, marrying the concepts of defense and beauty. The animalistic theme is interpreted through flowing garments adorned with leopard prints, adding a layer of wild sophistication and fluidity to the McQueen collection.

The juxtaposition of casual and formal elements challenges conventional dress codes. Footwear, like the distinctive hoof and bag boots, further cements the collection’s avant-garde appeal. Meanwhile accessories ranging from oversized, slouchy bags to sleek metallic clutches, complements the clothing’s bold silhouettes.

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2024 Collection


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