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Adidas Shoes On Sale For $40 — Amazon Prime Day Deal



The Adidas Cloudform shoes are praised for how lightweight they feel on your feet, making them perfect for hotter weather or for people who’s feet tend to sweat. The mesh upper is super breathable, with a snug-yet-comfy fit.

Even people who spend all day on their feet rave about how great the Adidas Cloudform sneakers feel. One shopper who averages 14 miles per day at work said her feet rarely ever hurt thanks to these kicks; another hiked 10 miles in their Cloudforms.

Whether you’re wearing them for walking, traveling, or long days on your feet, the Cloudform sneakers really do feel like walking on clouds (hence the name). This raved-about comfort is all thanks to the shoe’s memory foam cushioning, which also provides a significant amount of support.

Considering the price and lightweight design, you might expect these shoes to be flimsy. On the contrary, dozens of Amazon shoppers promise they hold up well over time—including those aforementioned reviewers who spend long days standing or walking.


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