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3 Ways Your Smile Changes With Age & What To Do About It



The lip line, that area of skin that separates the lips from the rest of the face, loses sharpness overtime. This is mainly due to the formation of lip lines. Tiny, faint fine lines start to form around the lip line due to regular movement (you know, talking). 

You may notice this more if you’re a lipstick wearer, as the makeup will often bleed or feather into the skin around the lips.

As these are wrinkles, you’ll want to treat them as you would other types of wrinkles you encounter. The first step is to keep lips protected from UV exposure by wearing SPF on the area. You’ll also want to keep them moisturized, as dry skin shows signs of aging more prominently. Look for options that contain antioxidants, as those can help reduce free radical damage and signs of aging. 

But to help reverse the look of fine lines, you’ll want more potent interventions. Lip exfoliators formulated with AHAs, for example, have been shown to5 increase skin cell turnover, improve the moisture content of the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Or go one step further with a lip retinol, the super star aging ingredient that boosts collagen production, and improves skin cell rejuvenation. 

If you opt for either of the last two ingredients, just be sure to have a hydrating lip balm on hand to buffer any irritation, as these are potent ingredients.


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