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3 Unexpected Things That Are Aging Your Facial Appearance



As we talk about in the episode, aging isn’t just about the surface—even if that’s what most of the beauty industry focuses on. It’s actually a mix of changes to the bone structure, muscles, lymphatic system, fat, and then skin. 

While we may not think of supporting our skeletal system and bone health as parts of our beauty routine, bone density loss is actually one of the main drivers of aging. 

“Women will tend to lose bone in their midface and next to their nose. And that’s why women will have a longer upper lip with age, and that’s one of the telltale signs of aging that most people don’t even realize,” she says. 

“Aging isn’t all about wrinkles—it’s about facial balance, the position of things,” she says, noting that when our bone structure changes, that information reads as aging. “So at an earlier age, we want to help women retain bone.” 

And even if women disproportionately experience bone density loss1, it’s not just a female thing. “For men, men are more prone to under eye bags. Why? Well, they tend to lose more bone around their lateral orbital rim, and that then gives them lack of support for the tissue there,” she says. 


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