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3 Smoothie Add-Ins For A Healthier Gut & Inflammatory Response



You may be familiar with consuming turmeric in the form of golden milk, chana masala, or spicy ginger shots, but you can also add it to your blend à la carte. 

Not only will turmeric add a gorgeous golden hue to your beverage, but it’s also soothing for digestion1 and overall gut health.* 

In fact, a 2020 scientific review from Nutrients reveals that curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) even helps promote a healthy gut microbiome2 by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria strains.* So go ahead and aim for a golden smoothie every now and then. 

Now, I’ve made a decent amount of smoothies with turmeric in my lifetime (I once worked at a smoothie shop), and I’ll tell you that it doesn’t pair well with every fruit or vegetable out there. My tip: If you’re going to add this root to your blend, make sure to pair it with a sweet counterpart, like mango, orange, or pineapple. 

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