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3 Skin Tips A Holistic Esthetician Wishes She Knew In Her 20s



No matter your age, lifestyle, or skin type, you need to hydrate your skin—period and full stop. Moisture is crucial for barrier function, which is why improper hydration can lead to premature skin aging, like sagging and wrinkles, down the road. 

That said, invest in a good moisturizer to quench your skin and feed it the nutrients it craves. “Many 20-year-olds I see in my treatment room don’t yet know about the value of a nourishing moisturizer to help the skin come into balance and retain its moisture,” Fender explains. “Citrus essences are especially good at supporting young skin in this way, and are at the base of my lightweight Luminous Morning Crème.” 

Specifically, the confection features sweet orange and neroli, which boast more than a few skin-balancing benefits: A 2012 laboratory study1 found that the compounds in neroli oil have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it a great choice for acne-prone skin; another review2 published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences described neroli as a “strong antioxidant,” so it can also produce a noticeable glow. 

Feel free to browse our other favorite moisturizers here, for your dewiest, bounciest skin yet. 


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