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3 Actionable Tips To Reduce Anxiety & Boost Energy (For Free!)



Your sense of smell is very much tied to your mental health and mood. In fact, research has shown that loss of smell is a significant risk factor for anxiety and depression1

What’s more, your sense of smell and taste are intimately connected. So to enhance the former, Rubin suggests plugging your nose while you taste certain foods. Like a Jelly Bean, for example (or a healthier candy option of your choosing): “Plug your nose, pop the Jelly Bean into your mouth, and it will taste just plain sweet,” she explains. “Then if you unplug your nose, you’ll [taste] a very complex cherry, bubblegum, root beer, or whatever flavor it is.” 

Your sense of smell elevates the food you eat, a concept that has become top of mind for many who have faced anosmia (loss of smell) from COVID. “People are much more aware now of the extremely important role that smell plays in our lives,” says Rubin. “It contributes to our sense of vitality and engagement with other people.” 

That said, try Rubin’s exercise and note the complex differences in the flavors of your food. The little activity can help you become more attuned to your sense of smell, and boost your mood health as a result.  


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