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15+ Best Maternity and Baby Black Friday Deals 2023

15+ Best Maternity and Baby Black Friday Deals 2023


With the Well+Good SHOP, our editors put their years of know-how to work in order to pick products (from skin care to self care and beyond) they’re betting you’ll love. While our editors independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission. Happy shopping! Explore the SHOP

The night after getting to check one of the more fun pre-baby errands off my list (going to build my registry in person at the Babylist showroom, I woke up in the middle of the night to pee (of course), and my thoughts started racing: Is it worthwhile to invest in a double stroller now when I’m only pregnant with my first child? Would a deep, plush glider (like the one I was drooling over from Nurture&) be too large for my short frame? Cloth diaper systems seemed pretty good… could I handle it? At one point, I thought to myself, “I am a capable 34-year-old woman, a conscientious consumer who values sustainability, and these questions are all just about Things. It is ok to turn off my brain about this!”

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  • Karen Reardanz, registry expert and director of editorial and brand at Babylist

The self-talk did help me fall back asleep, but the experience drove home the reality that when you’re expecting, decisions about how to prepare for your baby and care for yourself can take on an outsize proportion. Add to that the fact that Black Friday is around the corner, and questions about how to capitalize on deals versus relying on generous friends and family to get you everything you need via a baby registry can turn exciting maternity and baby shopping into a paralyzing pressure cooker.

Friends, it’s time to breathe. Maybe put on a maternity dress that makes you feel really good, and slather on some soothing body oil. Then—and only then—is it time to face the maternity and baby Black Friday deals. Hopefully, our guide below can help you plan accordingly.

Black Friday deals: Shopping vs. registering

“This [can be] hard as it’s such an individual experience,” says Karen Reardanz, registry expert at Babylist. Acquiring baby gear means you’re dealing with the goodwill of friends and family, while at the same time trying to check items off your list. Having actual conversations with the loved ones in your life can help mitigate some of the stress, especially around the holidays. “If you have someone who wants to shop for you during the sales, that’s great. Share your registry with them. Be sure to let them know what you’re most excited about or need the most, and how to keep an eye on the price drops around the sale seasons.”

By keeping the lines of communication open, you might be able to mitigate some of the sale FOMO. You can also use features like the “Must Have” button on Babylist to let your community know about items you really want. At the same time, if you’re set on something and have the means, now can be a great time of year to take matters into your own hands.“If there’s something you absolutely love that you’re not sure someone would gift to you and you see it on a great sale, go ahead and buy it for yourself if you can afford it,” Reardanz says. “You’re getting something you really want or need and you’re getting a deal.”

You can also keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything new. Consider talking to friends with older kids about hand-me-downs, or perusing second-hand markets like Facebook Marketplace.

Some items that Reardanz suggests planning to capitalize on during sales include:

  • Big-ticket items, like car seats, strollers, and cribs.
  • Next-stage expensive gear, like high chairs and play centers.
  • Essentials you’ll need a lot of, like diapers and wipe.
  • Electronics: “Look for baby monitors, sound machines, and items you might want postpartum, like new headphones,” Reardanze suggests.

The best maternity and baby Black Friday deals

Whether you want to treat yourself to a holiday dress that fits over your bump or build out your nursery, leading maternity and baby gear brands might make it worth your while to do so over the next few weeks. We’ll be updating this list regularly with maternity and baby Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday sales, too) as brands announce their plans or add new sales. Tl;dr: Bookmark this page.

Self-care deals


A pregnant woman in black lingerie with self-care items.
Photo: Bodily

Bodily’s super soft pregnancy, post-partum, and pregnancy apparel and care items come with a side of education and information. It has comprehensive guides about what items you might need at different stages of pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and through breastfeeding. Bodily is offering up to 35% off for Black Friday/Cyber Monday orders, depending on your total spend, with code BFCM.

Shop here for all deals.


P.volve is a low-impact pelvic floor-oriented workout that anyone can do but is especially beloved by pregnant and postpartum people for helping get in touch with and strengthen this important muscle group. The classes do require specialized equipment. So luckily, P.volve is offering 20 percent off all products sitewide until November 19 with code EARLY20.

Shop here for all deals.


Seraphine’s entire stock is already 30 percent off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s sparkly holiday dresses, tailored office attire, comfy loungewear, sweaters—you name it, and it’s on sale.

Shop here for all deals.

Three Ships

A beauty product bottle.
Photo: Three Ships

Finding pregnancy-safe skin care that *actually* works is hard, which is why we love Three Ships, which makes natural, better-for-you beauty products that get the job done. From Nov. 23-27, most Three Ships products are available for a buy-one-get-one-free deal. The brand will throw in a free gift when you hit $100, too.

Shop here for all deals.

Baby deals


A baby in a minimalist modern looking high chair is one of the maternity and baby black friday deals on Babylist.

The universal registry company has some deals exclusive to Babylist. Mark your calendar—the below will be live from Nov. 22-27:

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Dr. Brown’s – Babylist

I’ve had my eye on the Dr. Brown’s Clean Steam Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer ever since I discovered there was an item that could handle all the famously labor-intensive aspects of bottle cleaning. The good news is, it’s on sale, along with other Dr. Brown’s products that make feeding easier. Select Dr. Brown’s products are 20% off on Babylist between November 22 – 27.

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Baby Brezza

Baby Brezza makes a variety of feeding, cleaning, diapering, and sleep products, all of which are up to 50 percent off from now through November 30. Need some ideas? The Formula Advanced Pro (originally $230, now $184), which is basically a Nespresso for baby formula.

Shop here for all deals.

BOB Gear

Two kids in a wagon overlooking a lake.
Photo: BOB Gear

A kid transportation brand that caters to the more adventurous, athletic, and trail-going parents among us, BOB Gear makes strollers, wagons, and travel systems that seriously live up to their “rugged” promise. BOB Gear is offering 20 percent off select products between Nov. 19-27.

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From play sets to high chairs and bibs to bath time, Lalo makes a variety of baby products that all have an oh-so-appealing unified modern aesthetic. Lucky us—they’re all up to 40 percent off now through Nov. 30, no code necessary.

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The company behind the wearable breast pump that our Well+Good editor said made her feel “more human and less like a dairy cow” is putting a more flexible pumping experience in reach this holiday season. Starting November 16, pumps and pump bundles are 25 percent off.

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Portability is at the heart of this modern baby gear brand. Strollers, bassinets, and cribs (also called “pack-and-plays”) are all meant to be easily collapsed or folded and put in carrying cases so they can become travel-ready. From November 13 through December 1, the crib, bassinet, and bassinet sets are $30 off, and the stroller and stroller sets are $100 off.

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Nursery deals

Happiest Baby – Snoo 

A bassinet with short legs, with a dachsund next to it.

First up in baby gear is the coveted SNOO Smart Bassinet. Yep, the item that helps caretakers get more sleep by using white noise and rocking to keep babies from fussing and waking up is actually on sale—and a good one! Starting November 16, the SNOO Smart Bassinet (originally $1,695, now $1,102) will be 35 percent off. Other goods, such as swaddles and sleep sacks, white noise machines, and apparel for moms, too, are up to 60 percent off throughout the site.

Shop all deals here. 


The folks at Nurture& have put a lot of time and effort into making nursery items that specifically to cater to this new room in your home. The brand’s Black Friday deals are already up and running: You can grab a bundle (a combination of a few Nurtrure& items) from now through Nov. 28 for up to $750 off.

Shop here for all deals.


Nestig is known for the 3-in-1 Wave Crib that goes from bassinet to crib to toddler bed. The brand also makes a variety of nursery furniture using sustainable materials, decor, and accessories. Nestig has announced it’s not having any special Black Friday sales, but will instead donate 10 percent of the proceeds from purchases to a charity that supports single mothers, the Tender Foundation.

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Made with eco-friendly materials like fabric made from recycled water bottles, Babyletto furniture is more aesthetically pleasing than some other baby brands, allowing you to make your nursery a reflection of you and your tastes, as well as a sanctuary for your baby. Starting November 20 across the site (but excluding the Kiwi rocker), save 15 percent off when you spend $750 or more.

Shop here for all deals.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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