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15 Best Clarifying Shampoos Of 2023 + Signs You Need One



Apple cider vinegar is the workhorse in this formula, as it deeply cleanses the scalp and even leads to shiny, soft hair (it brings your hair’s pH levels back down and seals the cuticle shut). ACV can also help with dandruff: The acidity makes it a less favorable environment for the yeast to thrive, which can help itchy flakes subside. Massage into your scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse with cold water for the shiniest of strands. 

What our tester says:

I know this product is adored online, but it’s worth the hype in real life, too. I tested this formula after I neglected to wash my hair for a week (hey, things happen) and it immediately restored the shine, leaving my strands and scalp clear of gels, oils, and dry shampoo that had built up over the previous seven days. It’s slightly drying (as most clarifying shampoos are) so super dry and damaged hair may not love the results. The formula is super concentrated, so a tiny bit goes a long way. Be sure to add water to your hands to get the formula foamy before applying.


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