Home Technology 14 ‘new’ retro classics coming to Xbox this month

14 ‘new’ retro classics coming to Xbox this month

14 ‘new’ retro classics coming to Xbox this month


Antstream Arcade, a massive library of retro games available to Xbox owners and PC gamers for an annual fee of $30/year, is adding 14 new titles to the service this month.

The app launched in July 2023 and provides subscribers with instant access to over 1,300 classic titles. The games range from the Atari, through the NES, to the Game Boy, all the way up to the PlayStation 1 (calling the PlayStation 1 retro makes me concerned I might be about to crumble into dust) and more. As well as games, the service has sweetened the pot by providing tons of extra features and continually expanding its game library.

With their subscriptions, players gain access to over 600 minigame challenges, a vast number of which Antstream Arcade is adding to every month. There are global weekly tournaments for the really competitive players, and couch co-op for people looking to recapture the feeling of a classic games night.

Although $30 for an annual subscription to such a vast library plus extra features may seem like a great deal, it gets better: you can get a lifetime subscription for just $80. One subscription allows you access across all of your devices.

What games are coming to Antstream Arcade in March?

  • Bristles (Arcade)Β  – can you navigate Peter the Painter through the house and paint every wall?
  • Demons of Asteborg (Arcade) – fight the demonic hoards and save your homeland in this action platformer.
  • Firelord (Amstrad) – explore the cursed kingdom of Torot and recover the four charms of eternal youth.
  • First Samurai (C64 and SNES) – a beat ’em up platformer that sees you defeating rival swordsmen to prevail as the first Samurai.
  • Hobgoblin (Amstrad) – cross the swamps of the hobgoblin hoards and retrieve the stolen Golden Orb.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Amiga) – help Indie discover the fate of Atlantis in this classic point-and-click adventure.
  • Mr. Tuff (SNES) – never originally released, now is your chance to check out this action platformer.
  • Pitstop (Atari) – put your foot down in this semi-first-person racing game and see if you can win the championship.
  • Pitstop 2 (Atari) – a more complex older brother to Pitstop which adds split-screen racing for two players.
  • R-Type (Arcade) – dive into this side-scrolling shooter and destroy the alien threat before they wipe out humankind!
  • Streak Hoverboard Racing (PS1) – famed for being extremely difficult, are you up to this racing challenge?
  • Switchblade (Arcade) – a side-scrolling run-and-gun action platformer where you must defeat the enemies and collect the shards of the Fireblade.
  • Xenon (Amstrad) – become a future space pilot in this vertical-scrolling shooter to help win the war against the aliens.

Antstream Arcade has also announced multiple future titles on their way to the platform, including the ultimate game night game, Worms Armageddon. Don’t forget to grab yourself an 8BitDo keyboard for maximum retro immersion.


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