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14 Best Natural & Clean Foundations Of 2023



There is no regulated definition of “clean” or “natural” in the beauty industry. So it’s really up to brands, publications, and individuals to create their own definition.

Natural ingredients are plant- or mineral-derived, and are extracted from natural-world sources. We prioritize natural ingredients when they make sense in the formula, as many botanicals are hugely beneficial for the skin. (A few below!)

But we also understand that lab-derived ingredients can sometimes be the better alternative, as they can be more environmentally friendly and less irritating for the skin. We also believe that “natural” formulas are a spectrum, as it’s very rare that a product is 100% natural—so a natural formula may still contain ingredients that are synthetic. 

Clean formulas can include both natural and lab-derived ingredients. Clean ingredients are those that are identified as safe for the skin and overall health as backed by research. Clean formulas tend to be more gentle for skin, as they avoid sensitizing ingredients. We believe that what ingredients are deemed as “safe” is an ongoing conversation. 


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