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10 Reasons to Visit Barcelona in Autumn

10 Reasons to Visit Barcelona in Autumn


You want to visit Barcelona, but don’t know what time would be best to do so? How about visiting Barcelona in autumn?

We want to show you why visiting this wonderful city during the fall will be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year!

So, here is our list of 10 reasons to visit Barcelona in the months between September and November.

1. Fewer tourists and not so much rush

During the summer, Barcelona is full of tourists, which means that the streets are full, and you almost have no space to walk on a very full day. In the months after summer, you will see that the big wave of tourists will decrease, so you will have the chance to walk everywhere freely without being in a kind of swarm of humans.

Also, sightseeing in Barcelona will be so much more comfortable since you won’t have to wait in such long lines on a hot summer day.

2. The weather is a bit cooler

You will notice how the summer heat will be over, and you can walk the streets on a hot day without melting. With fewer people around and a nice cool breeze, it is the perfect temperature to spend your time outside and do the activities on your list.

A popular activity if you’re around Barcelona is going to the forest and looking for mushrooms. After that, you can even try to make some homemade Catalan dishes, typical from the region. All in all, it will be sunny and pleasant for you to stroll around and do some sightseeing, especially when it’s your first time in the Catalan capital!

Mushroom foraging in Barcelona in autumn

3. Cheaper flights and accommodations

Since it’s not the high season anymore, there will be a slight change in the prices of flights and accommodations. Most of them will be cheaper than in the summer, which is a normal reaction from the tourists that are going back home. It will be more tranquil in the city, and you will get better offers for accommodations and flights if you are going for a visit in the off-season, which is perfect to save some money!

Here’s how to book cheap flights!

Booking flights in the off season is cheaper

4. Authentic experience of Barcelona

Many locals in Barcelona escape the flood of tourists in the summer months and might even close their businesses for some time. Mostly, they will be back for the fall and open their shops again.

These local shops are perfect for getting an authentic overview and experience of the real Barcelona, with its locals back in town again. So, be sure to find authentic restaurants, which will mostly have a table for you if you walk by, and get to know the real Barcelona.

Check out these great places for tapas in Barcelona and these Vermuterias.

Restaurants in Barcelona

5. Easy and comfortable shopping experience

Barcelona is a city full of opportunities for shopping. You have modern clothing shops, vintage shops, and a lot of unique ones that are perfect for getting a souvenir for home. One of the best reasons to come to Barcelona in the fall is that all these shops won’t be so crowded. Maybe you will find some shops that you would have missed with a lot of other people around!

Shopping malls in Barcelona

6. Events during autumn season

Although the summer months in Barcelona are very active in terms of events, the autumn season has nothing to envy. The city will host multiple celebrations, such as the last Festes Majors (which are popular festivals in the different neighbourhoods) or the Sitges Film Festival, which is one of the main events in the film industry.

For concert fans, here in Barcelona you will have the opportunity to enjoy multiple concerts of famous artists or attend music festivals, such as the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival. Finally, you can also marvel at the Salón Náutico exhibition or celebrate Halloween by learning about Catalan customs and traditions.

Views in Barcelona

7. Easy biking

The city of Barcelona has wonderful trails to discover by bike. Especially Moll de la Fusta, Port Vell and the promenade along the Barceloneta beach. Biking is a lot of fun when the roads are empty and not full of people to be aware of, and also when it is not that hot anymore. You can rent bikes all around the city for just a small amount for a whole day.

This is a great way to discover Barcelona in the fresh air and avoid the metro or bus. So, if you’re planning to visit the city in these months that provide a nicer climate, then you should really try and rent a bike for a day or two to move around.

Renting a bicycle to get around the city

8. Enotourism

Wine tastings are very popular in Catalonia and around Barcelona. You will find a lot of wine tastings and tours through vineyards being offered – from the city centre in the Gothic Quarter to vineyards in El Penedès or even on a sailing tour over the Mediterranean Sea.

All of these are wonderful ways to have a wine tasting and a good time with your friends or couple. And the best part is that these wine tastings are mostly cheaper during the fall months!

Wine tasting near Barcelona

9. Relax at the beach

When most of the summer tourists are gone, you will also feel it on the Barcelona beaches. They won’t be as full, and you will find your right spot to relax on every beach in the city. Moreover, it is said that the best sunsets are in autumn and winter, so why don’t you spend a day relaxing at the beach while getting a magical moment seeing the sun go by? 

Sunset beaches in Barcelona in Autumn

10. Going out and nightlife

And last but not least, you will have the same advantage of a less crowded space if you decide to go out for maybe just a few drinks or even dance in a nightclub. Barcelona is a great city to go partying in, but while many people have experienced overloaded clubs and bars in the summer time, you might feel more comfortable in a bar or discotheque that is not too full.

Also, another positive thing about this is that the staff of these places seem more relaxed because they are not under that kind of pressure anymore, plus tickets don’t get sold out so quickly!

Check out these bars in Barcelona.

Nightclubs in Barcelona

There you have it! The top 10 reasons for visiting Barcelona in fall. So, if you want to see the Catalan capital but prefer fewer people around, then this is the right time for you to come and discover all of it!

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