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What is Suno? The AI music app explained

What is Suno? The AI music app explained


Suno is the latest big name in AI, but what is it? 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Suno AI, including what it is, what it can do, and how much it costs. 

What is Suno? 

Suno is an AI music app that allows users to generate two-minute-long, “radio-quality” songs from a short prompt. 

The company launched Suno v3 in March 2024, extending the track duration to two minutes despite the songs themselves taking just seconds to generate. v3 is also the first version of Suno capable of producing radio-quality music. 

v3 featured several user feedback-driven improvements, including better quality audio, more styles and genres of music and improved prompt adherence with fewer hallucinations and more graceful endings. 

If you’re wondering how Suno distinguishes its creations from your everyday manmade song, you’ll be relieved to hear that the company has implemented some measures. Firstly, Suno does not recognise references to other artists, meaning you can’t just ask it to write the next BTS song while you wait for them to return from military service. 

Rather, Suno is designed to accept prompts like “make a song for a heroic desertcore battle”, “make a song for a Sunday study session” or “Make a song for my departed goldfish”. 

Additionally, Suno has developed an inaudible watermarking technology that can detect whether a song was created using the AI music generator. 

“At Suno, we are building a future where anyone can make music”, says Suno on its website. 

“You can make a song for any moment in any major language with just a few short words. Award-winning artists use Suno, but our core user base consists of everyday people making music – often for the first time”. 

How much does Suno AI cost? 

Suno offers three different subscription tiers – Free, Pro and Premier

While there are a handful of distinctions between the three plans, the main differences are the number of credits you get, the commercial terms, and where you sit in the generation queue. 

The Free plan includes 50 credits/day with non-commercial terms and a shared generation queue, while the Pro plan comes with 2,500 credits/month with general commercial terms, and priority generation queue for $8/month. The Premier tier, meanwhile, comes with 10,000 credits, general commercial terms, and priority generation queue at a steeper cost of $24/month.


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