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What is Record Store Day?

What is Record Store Day?


Vinyl has been resurging for years and its popularity has seen it outpace the sales of CDs for two years in a row. And part of that resurgence is down to Record Store Day.

Record Store Day is one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar, with a number of independent record stores, music artists and audio brands teaming up to mark the occasion.

If you’re not aware of it, or want to learn more about what is is, who is participating and what’s happening during the event, keep reading to learn more about Record Store Day 2024.

What is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day (RSD) was first conceived of back in 2007, with the first Record Store Day event held the following year on April 19, 2008.

Record Store Day is an event held every year that sees over 270 independent record store shops across the UK banding together to celebrate vinyl records. And it’s not just in the UK the event takes place, as shops around the world also take participate in the one-day vinyl extravaganza.

Record Store Day tends to be celebrated by limited edition releases/special pressings of vinyl records. These types of records are only available in-store and not online, and can only be bought on that specific day. Not every shop will stock each release, which is why you’ll need to check before you head out. Once the stock is gone, it’s gone.

The code of conduct for Record Store Day prohibits stock from being solid online until 8pm on the following Monday after RSD. Basically, if you miss out on a record and what to see if it’s still available at one of the stores, any remaining stock will be sold online from 8pm on Monday 22nd April, 2024.

When is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day 2024 will take place on April 20th, 2024. Kate Bush will be one of the ambasadors for the UK event, along with Paramore (in the US).

There is another Record Store Day in November of each year called Record Store Day Black Friday, which sells records at a discounted price.

What vinyl records are released on Record Store Day?

Record Store Day 2024 vinyl

If you want to know what’s coming to Record Store Day 2024, be sure to have a look at this downloadable PDF ahead of the event.

Highlights include Alison Goldfrapp’s The Love Reinvention, Blur’s Parklife, Buena Vista Social Club’s Buena Vista Social Club, Orbital’s Orbital, Public Service Broadcasting’s Gagarin, David Bowie’s Waiting in the Sky (Before the Starman Came to Earth), Kate Bush’s Eat the Music and plenty more.

Taylor Swift fans looking for a record might be disappointed to know that she’s not participating in it this year, but her latest album is expected to drop on the 19th April, a day before Record Store Day…

Which record stores are participating in Record Store Day?

There will be stores in cities such as London (Sister Ray, Phonica Records), but also places such as Exeter and Dorset.

If you’re in the UK, head to this link to find the nearest store to you, head to this link.

If you’re not in the UK then head to Record Store international website and you’ll be able to find the closest store.


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