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Trump Is Losing His Mind Over Being Found Guilty Of Fraud


Trump is not taking the judge’s ruling that he has been committing fraud for years well. The former president is attacking the judge and New York AG Letitia James.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Trump is thinking that because he put a disclaimer on his lies then he is covered, but that is not how fraud works. Trump’s claim that his company has hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and very little debt is also a lie. Trump was so cash-poor during the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns that he claimed he didn’t have the cash to self-fund his runs for the presidency.

The idea that his companies have no debt is also a lie. The company owes millions of dollars in loans to the Chinese government. 

Trump is losing his mind because New York Attorney General Letitia James laid out and a judge agreed, the former president’s pattern of fraud. The idea is that Trump’s real business wasn’t real estate. It was inflating the value of real estate to defraud banks.

The judge’s ruling also covers Trump’s brand, as the judge found that Donald Trump also overvalued his brand.

It was all an overinflated lie. Trump overinflated the value of every piece of property that he is involved with. The most absurd case is Mar-a-Lago which overinflated by 2,300%.

Letitia James has crushed the myth of Donald Trump, and the failed one-term president is losing it as he watches his house of cards come tumbling down.


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