It is not possible to ride every motorbike that you like as it becomes a very challenging task when your limbs do not match the size of the motorbike.

not all bikes are manufactured for everyone. There are lots of bikes designed by different companies but not all fit anyone.

When you are going to buy a motorcycle, keep in mind saddles, seats, weight, terrain, compatibility, engine size, and riding position. So, choose a bike that is lightweight, short, thin and it is easy to handle for you. 



The Kawasaki Vulcan S is the most comfortable ergonomics and is suitable for shorter riders. Its features are nearly the same as the Kawasaki Ninja 650s. There are also different variations like there are also the different versions of Kawasaki Ergo-Fit Features that are available with multiple seat heights.

Furthermore, Kawasaki is best to ride in a mid-size cruiser. It comes with a low seat height(27.8 in/705mm) and its weight is only 228 kg. If we have a look at its engine capacity, it is a parallel twin 649 cc. It has the toughest engine torques.

If we talk about its prices. Depending on its condition, you can buy the new bike for £6,699 and use it for £4,900 – £6,500.

Kawasaki Vulcan S has not a very old history as compared to other bikes. It was originally launched in 2015 with the ER-6 engine with an awesome frame.


Indian Scout bobber is the best luxury cruiser. Scout bobber is an amazing bike in terms of specifications and smooth ride. It comes in tremolos like the bobber sixty, bobber twenty, and the bobber

South bobber has amazing horsepower as it has a 1133cc, 94 V-twin engine. Its smaller but powerful engine has been noticeable for many years, especially for new riders. Furthermore, its fighter functions are crazy for the rider who is in the habit of fast driving.

If you are looking for a bike with a small but powerful engine, for long rides then the Indian scout bobber might be the right choice to consider. Overall, if you are seeking a bike that has a light clutch, easy and reliable brakes, and good fuel economy, the Indian scout might be the right choice.


The Honda Rebel 500 was first manufactured in 1985, and it has been a good choice for all beginner riders. There can be notable changes in 2017 and 2020 and Honda keeps on adding more features to maintain its reliability and usage.

Another interesting feature is that it can be good for people who have a short height or if they are female, they can use this bike as it has been most popular among women.

Its very light click is the most loveable feature for rides of every age. If we talk about its disc brakes they do not jam the wheel abruptly as should be the quality of every motorcycle. Because every rider wants more control over the brakes.


Triumph Bonneville was first manufactured in 1959, we can say that it is one of the most popular bikes in Triumph models; its manufacturer has not stopped updating its gears and parts to meet the requirements of modern users. If we talk about its sales, Triumph has the highest sales among the short guys. It is easy to handle as it is lighter in weight.

Its seat has a height of 27.2 inches, is also adjustable, and is very comfortable for those people who are less in height compared to normal beings. It has a strong 1200cc parallel twin engine and can produce a peak torque of 106 Nm and can reach a horsepower of 76.9 hp.

 It is the best bike if you are looking for a bike with good fuel economy as it has a mileage of 60.9mpg. Triumph has a normal weight of 251 kg, which is the best quality to consider for shorter guys. The basic price is very affordable as compared to the luxury. In 2022 you can buy the new bike for $13.495.

BMW F 900 R

The BMW F 900 R falls among the category of middle-weight motorbikes that is ideal for people shorter in height. It has an adjustable seat with 34 inches of height. Its notable features like a TFT display, Bluetooth, and a flashlight that are auto-adjustable. Auto adjustable gear is another distinguishing feature of the BMW 900, which can be shiftable without pressing a clutch.

Its traction control is the best safety control feature for new users. Its engine has a liquid cooking system that cools down the engine when it is used on hot days. BMW engine cars produce 99 hp at 8.500 rpm and its torque can be 90. 84 Nm. This bike can reach a speed of 124 mph. If you want to buy it in 2022, you must have at least $8.995.

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Final Thoughts

Every bike manufacturer company intends to design a machine that is easy to operate. However, not all motorbikes are usable for all riders. Some bikes have the features to do custom changes to make it adjustable according to the height but only some bikes have the choice. However, if you are using the bike for daily rides or for the purpose to see distant places, you must install saddlebags to carry the important tools if your bike gets any technical issues. If you are still confused about which bike is right for you, read about bikes here.

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