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The Astrology Behind November’s New Moon + How To Work With It



This month’s new moon arrives in the sign of Scorpio on Monday, November 13, at 4:26 a.m. EST. And according to astrology expert and author of Astrology SOSImani Quinn, we’re already coming off an intense eclipse portal from the last full moon, plus we’re deep in Scorpio season too.

“With it still being Scorpio season, we are in the depths of our inner psyche now, and learning to embrace and honor our feelings and our processes,” Quinn says, adding, “And with the new moon being in Scorpio, it’s going to bring out our deepest desires and truths.”

As such, she tells mindbodygreen, we won’t be able to hide from ourselves under these Scorpio skies, as this moon encourages us to use these discoveries to chart new pathways. “So state what you want to the universe and watch things unfold. Don’t hold back—really lean into what your desires are,” Quinn says.

Now, alongside the new moon, Mars is conjunct in Scorpio as well, meanwhile Uranus in Taurus is opposing the moon. Quinn explains that Mars’ influence here will push us to act on deeply rooted emotions, giving us the “go ahead on leaning into those impulses.” And Uranus, she adds, could sprinkle some unexpected shifts and revelations into the mix.

“It’s basically a “big feels” new moon, but because it’s a new moon, it does have like silver lining,” Quinn says, “because it’s directly linked to bringing new pathways to us—so moving through the heaviness of your feelings will produce almost an immediate positive benefit.”


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