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The Apple Pencil just had its biggest price drop yet

The Apple Pencil just had its biggest price drop yet


If you’re in the market for Apple’s excellent tablet stylus, check out this Apple Pencil (2nd generation) deal over on Amazon, which sees it selling for the lowest price yet.

The online retailer is selling the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) for just £89 as part of its Black Friday sales event. That’s a 36% saving on the £139 RRP, which is the cheapest it’s ever been.

Save 36% on the Apple Pencil 2 this Black Friday

Amazon is selling the Apple Pencil 2 at an all-time low discount of 36% this Black Friday.

  • Amazon
  • 36% saving
  • Now £89

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This is the second (and latest) Apple Pencil that Apple released, arriving back in 2018 alongside the third-generation iPad Pro. Key improvements over the first generation Apple Pencil include wireless charging rather than the original’s unwieldy Lightning connector. Just stick it to the side of the iPad using in-built magnets.

You also get a new touch sensitive area just above the tip, so you can quickly double-tap to jump from your pen to an eraser without touching the screen.

Interestingly, while Apple recently announced a third Apple Pencil to the range, it’s inferior to this 2nd generation product in several key ways. It lacks the Apple Pencil 2’s pen pressure sensitivity, touch-sensitive areas, and magnetic charging capability.

This, then, is still the ultimate Apple stylus product, which makes this chunky discount all the more appealing.

We reviewed the Apple Pencil 2 back when the iPad Pro (3rd generation) launched, and called it “an excellent stylus” with “virtually no lag when you’re drawing or writing”. It’s a sketcher’s or scribbler’s delight.

In short, this is still the ultimate Apple Pencil to buy if you’re shopping around for a cut price deal this Black Friday.


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