Home Politics Stephen Colbert Enjoys Trump’s Glorious Truth Social Stock Failure

Stephen Colbert Enjoys Trump’s Glorious Truth Social Stock Failure

Stephen Colbert Enjoys Trump’s Glorious Truth Social Stock Failure


Stephen Colbert enjoyed Trump’s Truth Social stock crashing and burning while costing him billions of dollars.

Colbert said:

Between the $175 million Trump put up in this case and the $91 million in the E. Jean Carroll case, trump somehow still posted way less money this week than he lost on Wall Street. Because reportedly, Truth Social just lost $4 billion in value in one week.

Wow. I am actually surprised that Truth Social had value. The downturn happened after Truth Social posted a loss of $58 million in 2023. Coincidentally, Trump has just announced the release of the $58 million “Kid Rock ba-wida-ba, da-bang, da-bang bible.” It’s got the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Declaration of Independence, and Kid Rock’s family recipe for crystal meth. Ba-wida-ba?

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Okay. It’s not getting much better any time soon. This morning, the stock opened at 48 bucks, which was a 39% plunge from the stock’s high of $79.38 on March 26th. Truly an historic failure. No one has seen a loss this big since the Trump Taj Mahal,  Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University, and Trump, Eric.


Trump’s Truth Social losses are not surprising because from the day that the venture was announced everyone knew it was a pump and dump scam. However, at this pace, all of those gains and paper wealth that Trump appeared to have gained may evaporate before Donald Trump can cash out.

Colbert was correct. Failure is the Trump brand, and anyone who invests in anything with Trump’s name on it will get what they deserve.

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