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Sony ‘terminates’ PS5 and PS4 Twitter (X) integration


PlayStation is giving X (fka Twitter) the boot. Sony has announced PlayStation gamers will no longer be able to share their gaming clips and screen to the beleaguered social network.

While the company didn’t provide a reason for the decision, from this month it’ll be disabling and removing the Twitter integration on PS4 and PS5 consoles. As well as the screen captures, gamers won’t be able to share their trophies or other gameplay related activity.

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“As of November 13, 2023, integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) will no longer function on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles,” Sony says in a new support page.

“This includes the ability to view any content published on X on PS5/PS4, and the ability to post and view content, trophies, and other gameplay-related activities on X directly from PS5/PS4 (or link an X account to do so).”

Sony describes it as a “termination” and while we can’t accurately interpret the reasoning without Sony providing one, one can read between the lines and suggest this isn’t an amicable split. It’s possibly related to Musk’s decision to charge accounts exorbitant fees for access to the Twitter API

Under Elon Musk’s leadership, content providers and developers have been frustrated by decisions that make it more difficult to interact with content when posted to X.

Twitter/X disabled links from Substack and, more recently, won’t load article previews and headlines from any third-party sites within posts. X now just shows the main image accompanied with the article.

Now, gamers will be able to share their captures only through more dedicated providers like YouTube.

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