Home Technology Solana Crypto Presale ‘Slothana’ Raises $6 Million

Solana Crypto Presale ‘Slothana’ Raises $6 Million

Solana Crypto Presale ‘Slothana’ Raises $6 Million


New crypto presale Slothana (SLOTH) has raised over $6 million within just one week of its simple one-page website going live, highlighting the project’s initial appeal as well as the growing demand for meme coins within the Solana ecosystem, as seen with BONK, WIF, SLERF and BOME in recent months.

What Is Slothana?

Slothana combines the words “Sloth” and “Solana,” aiming to establish itself as the newest viral meme coin on the Solana blockchain and a rival to SLERF.

The project offers a simplified presale model where investors can acquire SLOTH tokens by sending SOL tokens from a decentralized wallet to a specific wallet address. Currently, for every 1 SOL invested, users receive 10,000 SLOTH tokens. Once the Slothana presale ends, tokens will be airdropped to investors’ wallets.

This approach streamlines the investment process and increases accessibility for a wider range of investors.

At its core, Slothana revolves around a sloth character meme set in an office environment, symbolizing individuals seeking to transition from traditional jobs to crypto trading.

The project aims to transform the sloth character from a couch potato into a successful crypto trader through the SLOTH token.

Marketing Efforts and Influencer Endorsements

Slothana’s marketing efforts have most likely played a crucial role in its early success. The project has been advertised across multiple major crypto media outlets, including CoinGape, Decrypt, U.Today and CaptainAltcoin, among others. 

Additionally, prominent YouTubers like Crypto Gains and Jacob Bury, with a combined 150,000 subscribers, have endorsed Slothana in their latest videos. Bury drew parallels between Slothana and the Book of Meme token, highlighting the potential for meme coins on the Solana blockchain.

“This is very much inspired by the Book of Meme token that we recently saw trading at parabolic levels. The website of Book of Meme simply said: ‘Look, address to send Solana to”, he stated.

The Book of Meme (BOME) price has risen over 1,700% since CoinMarketCap began tracking the new meme coin.

Tokenomics and Future Prospects

While the initial success of Slothana’s presale is impressive, the project still has a long journey ahead to establish itself as an important player in the meme coin sector.

The project’s exchange listing efforts, tokenomics, and long-term roadmap will play a crucial role in determining its sustainability and ability to deliver. Currently no end date for the SLOTH token presale has been set, and no CEX listings confirmed.

It’s widely known that meme coins, while captivating audiences and generating substantial interest, can be highly volatile and unpredictable.

Slothana’s core concept revolves around a sloth character meme set in an office environment, symbolizing individuals seeking to transition from traditional 9-5 jobs to crypto trading. The project aims to resonate with a community of individuals aspiring to break free from the conventional work routine and embrace the opportunities presented by the crypto market.

If Slothana can effectively tap into this narrative and foster a strong community around its meme-inspired vision, it could potentially differentiate itself from other new meme coins on the market and establish a value proposition. However, translating this concept into tangible utility and long-term adoption will be a challenge.


Slothana’s strong start provides a promising foundation for the project’s future endeavors. However, the road ahead is long, and the project’s ability to maintain momentum and deliver on its promises will ultimately determine its success in the competitive meme coin market. 

As the crypto landscape prepares for the upcoming Bitcoin halving and next leg up in this bull run, projects like Slothana must adapt and innovate to remain relevant and attract long-term investment.



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