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Quince Maternity: Tried-and-Tested 2023 | Well+Good

Quince Maternity: Tried-and-Tested 2023 | Well+Good


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Ah, maternity clothing. As someone who has loved shopping for clothes their entire life—so much so that I turned it into a career—I did not find myself excited to shop for maternity wear. My pre-pregnancy body was already challenging to shop for; As a curvy, petite, size-eight woman, I’ve spent years trying on different brands, silhouettes, and sizes up and down to figure out what works best for me. Add in a growing belly, hips, thighs, and chest that are constantly in flux, and shopping for maternity clothes was simply not something I was looking forward to during my pregnancy. Add in things like cost-per-wear, budget, and cold, hard unsustainable truth behind most maternity clothing, and the whole thing seemed rather dizzying to say the least.

That is until I found Quince’s maternity collection. My W+G colleagues have consistently raved about all their Quince items—its sweaters, athleisure, linens, outerwear, accessories, and everything in between—so I already knew there was good potential. But as I mentioned, maternity wear can be hard to shop for and wear (due to the aforementioned everything-is-changing aspect of pregnancy), so certainly it must be difficult to produce. Would Quince’s maternity items hold up similarly to their main and home lines?

Turns out, they do. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on Quince’s maternity styles, all tested by this very impressed mama-to-be.

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About Quince

If you’re not familiar with Quince, the direct-to-consumer clothing and lifestyle brand focuses on quality and transparency. This means you know exactly what the high-quality products are made of and where they’re coming from. Quince also cuts out the middleman and avoids expenses traditionally associated with the supply chain, like warehousing and sourcing agents. This keeps prices low, and is why such premiere products that are often sold at a premium (think: cashmere, linen, Italian leather) are more affordable from Quince.

You can read more about it in our full review, here. 

Quince maternity style: All tried-and-tested

*Note: I am 5’0″ and pre-pregnancy took a size medium/8/29/34G. All of these photos were taken of me at the beginning of my third trimester and can be used as a reference for fit, but it should be noted that all bodies progress and grow uniquely during pregnancy.

Quince, Organic Cotton Maternity & Postpartum Everyday Leggings — $30.00

Available sizes: XS-XL, in two inseams

Most of my pre-pregnancy performance leggings have worked throughout my pregnancy for workouts so far, so I opted for these Organic Cotton Maternity & Postpartum Everyday Leggings for, well, every day. The organic cotton fabric is incredibly soft and isn’t see-through at all. One note that I didn’t realize initially (despite it being listed on the website) is that the belly panel is a different material (made from nylon and spandex as opposed to organic cotton and spandex) from the leggings portion of the pants. Regardless, I’ve found it to be comfortable; it stays put and has expanded well to fit my growing bump. I tested these in a size medium, the same size I would have taken pre-pregnancy.

Colors: 2


  • Supportive belly panel
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Made with organic cotton  
  • Stay in place
  • True to size

Ultra-Form Performance Maternity & Postpartum Bike Short — $25.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

This was my go-to summer fit in the sweltering LA heat. While I originally entered this pregnancy thinking I’d be one of those pregnant moms who work out every day, that hasn’t been my reality. Luckily, these are comfy enough to wear casually to the grocery store or strolling through Target (again) to see if I can snag any cute nursery decor or onesies on sale. And if I do feel like doing a prenatal fitness class, I know I’ll have these as an option, too. I tested these in a size Medium, the same size I would have taken pre-pregnancy.

Colors: 2

  • Extendable waistband for support
  • Side pockets
  • Stretchy, comfortable, and moisture-wicking
  • True to size

Tencel Jersey Maternity Ruched Dress — $45.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

Fitted knit dresses have long been a go-to for me due to how flattering they are on my figure—they always tend to conform to my shape instead of squeezing my body parts to (not) fit into predetermined-sized fabric panels (I’m looking at you babydoll dresses…).

I love how I can wear this casually with a knit sweater or button-down shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap, or dress it up for an impromptu date night out with my husband before we need to add “hire a babysitter” to our list of pre-date to-dos. The fabric is very soft and comfortable but feels durable due to it being double-lined. I tested this in a size medium, the same size I would have taken pre-pregnancy.

Colors: 3

  • Stretchy and soft
  • Durable and double-lined
  • Versatile

Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra — $25.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

Bras are easily my least favorite item to shop for. I was a 34G pre-pregnancy, and it’s difficult to find that size as it is. In the past, I’ve found that a lot of bras without wires are not supportive enough, and the non-wired bands that should sit flush against my ribcage roll under and tuck underneath my chest (iykyk ). That said, a wire bra during pregnancy sounds unbearable to me.

I was happy to find that this bra stays put and keeps me held together. It even comes with an extender, so as your ribcage increases in size, you can convert your bra to a better fit. This saved me recently, as I needed to wear a pre-pregnancy strapless bra for an event, but as I went to put it on I found that my band size was far too short. Luckily, this bra extender worked like a charm! I don’t yet have to nurse, but I am happy that this bra can be used during my fourth trimester, too. I was a 34G pre-pregnancy and took this in a size large.

Colors: 4

  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Seamless, wire-free, and supportive
  • Removable pads and nursing clips for easy access
  • Knit-in support zones for added lift

All in all, I am very happy with my Quince maternity items and would recommend these items to others. I feel like the quality is substantial, and well-priced for what you get. However, I do hope that the brand will extend its maternity sizes in the future past size XL to better serve a wider audience of pregnant people. Besides that, it’s a one-stop shop for all your pregnancy and postpartum needs.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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