Home Politics Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Tucker Carlson’s Russian Propaganda

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Tucker Carlson’s Russian Propaganda

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Tucker Carlson’s Russian Propaganda


Jimmy Kimmel pointed out how Tucker Carlson is using Russian propaganda to defend his interview with Putin.

Kimmel said, “Tucker Carlson still doesn’t have a job. He is in Moscow. House hunting, I hope. But no, actually, Tucker is there to interview Vladimir Putin, which is so overtly ridiculous. He put out a preemptive video to nervously “Explain” why he’s doing this. Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal who hates America. He hates everything America stands for. He is a liar and a propagandist, but Tuck thinks we just need to hear him out, “Not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview the president of the other country involved in this conflict, Vladimir Putin.”

Kimmel added,  “I love, “Involved in this conflict.”  That’s like saying that in  Jaws, the great white shark was “Involved in the biting.” It takes two to be eaten.”


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Why did one of the most direct callouts of what Tucker Carlson is doing come from a late-night comedian instead of from the entire American mainstream corporate media?

Every media outlet should condemn what Tucker Carlson did and commit to not giving his Putin interview a second of airtime so that Putin can spread his lies and misinformation in a bid to weaken and exploit political divisions in the United States.

Tucker Carlson is a propagandist for Putin, and it is time that the United States people told Russia that they can keep Carlson and not to send him back.

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