Home Politics James Carville Reminds CNN That Trump Is A Rapist

James Carville Reminds CNN That Trump Is A Rapist

James Carville Reminds CNN That Trump Is A Rapist


CNN asked James Carville why Trump was losing support with women, and James Carville reminded the network that Trump is a rapist.

Carville said, “I mean, I don’t know what else, more galvanize you’d be when you see the behavior of this guy. But we just — let’s just wait and see. But it makes sense that he would be losing women after this jury came in and adjudicated him to be, well, a rapist, to be honest with you. That’s what the judge said in everyday parlance of the world. It’s not a good thing to run for president and have a jury find that you raped a woman.”


You can see the media recoil and begin to spin anytime that the fact is brought up that the judge clarified that Trump is a rapist. There is nothing to be afraid of, corporate media. You can call Donald Trump a rapist.

The fact that so much of the media continues to try to normalize Trump by looking the other way is the exact reason why James Carville has it right. Any Democrat who goes on mainstream media when asked about women should use the opportunity to remind the country that Trump is a rapist.

The media won’t talk about it, so the rest of us must.

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