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It’s now possible to use ChatGPT without an account

It’s now possible to use ChatGPT without an account


You can now use ChatGPT without the need to set up or log into an account.

OpenAI no longer requires you to sign up in order to use its phenomenally popular AI platform. The company announced the move in a recent blog post, explaining that making its AI tools broadly available was “core to our mission”.

The company says that it has begun gradually rolling out this ability to use ChatGPT instantly. It remains free to use, and you can still opt out of sharing your information with OpenAI to help it improve its models.

ChatGPT account free

There are however benefits to signing up for an account, such as the ability to save and review your chat history, as well as to share chats. Meanwhile, additional features such as voice conversations and custom instructions also require an account to access.

It’s also worth pointing out that this free and account-free access applies only to ChatGPT. OpenAI’s other tools, such as the DALL-E 3 AI image creation tool, still require you to sign up, and you’ll still need to pay for a subscription.

According to OpenAI, more than 100 million people from 185 countries use ChatGPT on a weekly basis. It’s the most high profile and downright popular AI chatbot in the game.

The company also used its blog post to mention some additional safeguards it has implemented into ChatGPT, including blocking prompts across a wider range of categories.


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