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iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Pro Max: What’s new?

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Pro Max: What’s new?


Apple has announced the new iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone, becoming the most expensive and feature-packed option in the iPhone lineup. 

But what are the new upgrades for the iPhone 15 Pro Max compared to the preceding iPhone 14 Pro Max? We’ve created this comparison guide to highlight the key differences, so you can judge for yourself whether it’s worth upgrading. 

New titanium design

Apple has opted for an all-new titanium build for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, therefore ditching the stainless steel frame of the previous iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So why has Apple decided to switch allegiance to titanium? The brand claims the titanium material allows it to reduce the weight of the phone. This rings true in the specs, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max said to weigh 221 grams, and  the iPhone 14 Pro Max hitting the scales at 240g. 

Apple also suggests the titanium build is sturdier, boasting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max
Credit: Apple

iPhone 15 Pro Max has 5x optical zoom

Apple has upgraded the camera for the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a 5x optical zoom. Apple claims this is the longest optical zoom ever, allowing you to take more detailed photos of faraway objects. 

For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro Max only has a 3x optical zoom, the same which you’ll find on the new iPhone 15 Pro. That’s still an excellent zoom capability, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max certainly boasts an advantage here.

More powerful A17 Pro chip 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has been treated to a performance boost thanks to the inclusion of the new A17 Pro chip. This new processor offers a 10x CPU performance increase, and 20x GPU upgrade compared to the A16 Bionic chip that powers the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max has such a powerful performance that it can now run games such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. These games won’t be playable on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Apple A17 Pro

New Action Button

Apple has ditched the volume switcher in favour of a multi-purpose Action button for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. You’re able to customise this button so it can trigger your camera, flashlight, voice memos and accessibility feature. The button also supports haptic feedback, as well as support with Dynamic Island, so you know when your inputs have been successfully registered. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max lacks the Action button, instead featuring the older volume switcher. This Switcher didn’t have multiple customisable functions like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, although did make it easier to toggle between ring and silent modes. 

USB-C port added to iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple has finally ditched the Lightning port, and added a USB-C connection to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This was a forced decision, with the EU making it mandatory for smartphones to adhere to the universal port, but it’s still a welcome upgrade. 

Thanks to the support of USB 3, Apple claims it can reach data transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps, which is apparently 20x faster than before. This will come in handy whenever you are transferring files between iPhone and Mac via a cable. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is stuck on the older Lightning connection, and so offers slower data transfer. 


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