Home Politics House Republicans Push to Rename DC Airport After Donald Trump

House Republicans Push to Rename DC Airport After Donald Trump

House Republicans Push to Rename DC Airport After Donald Trump


No one can accuse Republicans of not being able to put forth meaningful legislation now that deputy whip Guy Reschenthaler has put forth a bill to rename DC’s main international airport after Donald Trump.

“A group of House Republicans are pushing to have Washington Dulles, DC’s main international airport, renamed — after Donald Trump

The bill’s being led by House GOP chief deputy whip Guy Reschenthaler & is co-sponsored by 6 other lawmakers,” Fox News digital’s Liz Elkind reported in a scoop.

“In my lifetime, our nation has never been greater than under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump,” Reschenthaler told Fox News Digital. “As millions of domestic and international travelers fly through the airport, there is no better symbol of freedom, prosperity and strength than hearing ‘Welcome to Trump International Airport’ as they land on American soil.”

So sure, you might be wondering if anything has changed since January, when Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was openly admitting the lack of legislation they’d passed was “embarrassing” and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) was questioning whether they deserve to even keep their very slim majority.

The answer is YES! But also, NO! Because they have put forth a bill to honor Donald Trump, which is basically what they’ve been doing with their power in one form or another.

The Democrats certainly aren’t perfect, but they got a lot of legislation passed that actually did something to help people. They were laser focused under Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Meanwhile, House Republicans have struggled to keep a Speaker with subservience to Donald Trump being the number one qualification for the job. And that is their biggest problem, and why they have spent the power they had on empty investigations seemingly attempting to impeach Hunter Biden, who holds no public office, in a relentless effort to dirty the Biden name on par with the corrupt slime attached to the Trump name.

Last year was in fact the “least productive year in Congress in at least 50 years. This year is on track to be worse,” the Washington Post reported in February, after Speaker Mike Johnson (who believes God chose him to lead, but God did not choose President Joe Biden, in some kind of God fluke that perhaps can only be explained in a Trump Bible) failed to pass a border bill, failed to replenish America’s weapons and failed to pass aid to Israel and more.

It has been the true definition of a clown show, shadow-run by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose affinity for showing stolen naked photos of the President’s son to the country on C-SPAN reveals the dark sickness that has taken hold of the party that used to own, or at least sell, “traditional values.”

In March, House Republicans again struggled to do the bare minimum the people pay them to do, which is fund the government. The fiscal year spending package was again on the House floor on March 6th with the clock ticking to a partial government shutdown. This is how they “legislate.” It’s a careening, rudderless effort only identifiable by its one priority: Serve Donald Trump.

So this airport renaming is no surprise. Republicans want to rename an airport after the ex-president who has been found liable for rape and fraud and is currently facing 91 criminal indictments and has incited what Director Wray called a terrorist attack on the country on January 6th, in an attempt to maintain power.

This is the man Republicans have ceded near total power to, even giving him power of the RNC via his daughter-in-law, a move that models the consolidation of power of an authoritarian.

When they’re not trying to impeach Democrats over policy disagreements, policies that by the way the American people voted for in what was deemed the safest election in modern history, Republicans can be found trying to appease Donald Trump by wasting legislative efforts on renaming airports after a fraudster who incited an attack on his own country because he refused to acknowledge the will of the people.

Might we suggest they use this photo of the classified documents Trump stashed in an accessible bathroom at his club in Florida as a logo for the airport? Maybe first class airport bathrooms can become a safe place in which to sell military secrets to hostile powers.

There are so many more ways to make money off of access to a former president, Donald Trump and his Republican enablers have apparently only just gotten started.

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