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Honkai Star Rail character Robin’s complete kit unveiled

Honkai Star Rail character Robin’s complete kit unveiled


Robin is set to be one of the next five-star additions in Honkai Star Rail‘s version 2.2, according to reports. The character will feature in the turn-based role-playing game, which has a gacha system or in-game items for characters and weapons.

The video game’s official social media channels have already shared Robin’s official splash art and description, showcasing HoYoverse’s method of presenting new characters for the forthcoming update, Version 2.2.

The character will be the third limited-time character to follow the Path of Harmony, suggesting she could be a supportive unit capable of applying various buffs to the entire team composition. She will then eventually return to Honkai: Star Rail at some point in the future when the Banner schedule cycles back to her. Reddit user HomeDGCat has leaked details about Robin’s abilities, her eidolons, and additional features.

Robin was officially unveiled during the Special Program event for update 1.6, making her first in-game appearance in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0. Robin is portrayed as a renowned Halovian singer hailing from the Planet of Festivities.

HoYoverse is a global Chinese entertainment brand known for creating, developing, and publishing video games and related entertainment content. It’s headquartered in Shanghai and has gained international acclaim primarily for its hit games like “Genshin Impact,” “Honkai Impact 3rd,” and “Tears of Themis.”

What is Robin’s complete kit?

Here’s a summary of Robin’s kit in Honkai Star Rail, though this could change upon official release:

  • Basic Attack: Robin targets a single enemy, inflicting Physical damage with her attack.
  • Skill: When activated, this ability increases the damage output of all allies for three turns.
  • Ultimate Ability: Robin enters a Concerto state, increasing the attack power of all allies and granting them immediate action, excluding herself. In this state, whenever an ally attacks an enemy, Robin launches a counterattack causing Physical damage proportional to her attack statistic on that enemy. The critical hit rate and damage for this counterattack are fixed at 100% and 150%. While in Concerto state, Robin cannot take her turn but remains immune to enemy crowd control (CC) effects.
  • Passive Talent: This talent increases the critical damage of all allies. Robin also restores two Energy points whenever an ally lands a hit on an opponent.
  • Technique: Activation of this technique creates a dimension around Robin for 15 seconds, during which enemies inside the dimension will not attack her and will instead follow her. Entering combat with this dimension active allows Robin to gain five Energy points each cycle.

What are Robin’s Eidolons?

Similar to HoYoverse’s other titles, you can pull or “warp” in the game’s parlance.

In Honkai: Star Rail, making a single roll requires exchanging 160 Stellar Jades—the game’s premium currency obtained from chests and quests—for either a Star Rail Pass, used on the standard gacha banner, or a Star Rail Special Pass, utilized on the event gacha banner.

Getting duplicates of Robin through her Banner warps rewards users with her Eidolon. This material allows players to unlock Eidolon levels, with each upgrade improving an existing attack or passive ability. Robin’s expected Eidolons are:

  • Land of Smiles: Whenever Robin is in the Concerto state, an ally will gain a stack of Ornament each time they unleash a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate. Ornament provides the user with a SPD boost that accumulates with each stack, and improves the multiplier of Robin’s additional Physical damage.
  • Afternoon Tea for Two: Enhances Robin’s Talent CRIT DMG boost effect and Energy Regeneration Rate.
  • Raindrop Key: Upon activating her Ultimate, Robin dispels all CC debuffs on allies and grants them a significant boost in Effect RES.
  • Moonless Midnight: While Robin is in the Concerto state, all allies experience an increase in their All-type RES PEN. Additionally, the CRIT DMG of the first six extra DMG instances receives a further 200% increase. The count resets after Robin utilizes her ultimate ability.

Robin’s Traces in Honkai Star Rail:

Traces represent the skill trees inherent to each character. Within the Traces menu, players have the opportunity to level up Skills, unlock Bonus Abilities, or increase stats. The arrangement of Traces is dictated by the character’s chosen Path.

  • Coloratura Cadenza: At the start of the fight, Robin’s actions are accelerated by 25%.
  • Impromptu Flourish: While Robin is in the Concerto state, all allies receive a 10% boost to their follow-up attack damage.
  • Sequential Passage: When Robin activates her Talent, she regains 2% of her maximum HP. This effect activates only when her current HP is at 50% or lower.

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